Motor Skills

I fear that some of Addie’s motor skills will be behind… because that is what I’ve read, I’ve researched and what I’ve been told.

This was June 19th, age 9weeks 1day.  She may, at some point fall behind… til then: she’s kicking tail in the milestones department!

I’ve got a million fears about how she may not be average until she’s a bit older, and I’m going to celebrate, because I’m right- currently, she’s advanced. She has amazing head control and is rolling herself over daily, although not consistently. With everything I may want to cry about in the future, I’m here to applaud the now.

Roll, Addie, roll!

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  1. gianna says

    I giggled like an idiot watching this! Those little determined grunts are the cutest. It’s as if she’s saying to herself “Ok Addie…you. Must. Roll.”

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