Some Satire with your Shower

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about this proverbial mom time I’ve been hearing so much about. I never really want to get away, in fact I have panic attacks when I take the trash out and Addie is inside, but I was intrigued by the concept when I took mommy time for myself today. I peed. Alone. In fact, I just sat there reading for a whole minute. I was intrigued by the paragraph in a back issue (of which I have many) of Parenting Magazine that explained that a baby not holding its head up when you pull its arms after 6 months is an early sign of autism. I felt bad for all the moms out there yanking their kids up and calling their pediatricians.

Maybe, I thought, their kid just has a big, heavy head.

But, I read. Alone.

Granted, Addie was napping, and I laid the vacuum down, took off my rubber gloves and took the opportunity to pee and read at the same time, but- to me- this was my time.

So, later that night, my husband said to me, “take a shower if you want.” And, boy, did I need.

I hopped in and did my usual hair, pits, legs, lather up… when I heard no crying I looked down in the corner of the tub and saw it.
A brown sugar body scrub from Sensational Showers. I got it as a gift last Christmas from a friend, and I thought it was awesome, except I like to use it on my feet and although I could touch my toes until the day I gave birth, doing so wasn’t a highlight. But, tonight was my night.

I opened up the jar and was hit with a beautiful burst of warmth. It smelled like Christmas! I scrubbed my feet on the floor of the shower, letting the water hit me til it was almost cold. Carefully (lots of oils), I stepped out of the shower. I poured myself a glass of champagne (celebrating how awesome my husband is- literally, that is why we have champagne) and came to write a blog.

This mommy time may not be a pedicure, which I desperately need, but it is time for me to have soft feet, remember amazing friends and the gifts that keep on giving, and my hubby… for “letting” me take a shower.

I have an appointment to use an expiring LivingSocial massage in two weeks. I hope that doesn’t lead me to heartbreak. Leaving Addie with anyone besides Dave will be hard, but I have chosen someone who is going to be a lifelong friend to Addie, Dave and me.

Have a beautiful evening moms and dads- may you get a chance to pee, or read, or both!

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  1. Julia says


    Thank you for this! Warms my heart, and reminds me to cherish every minute, especially when I’m frustrated! Enjoy that massage, you so deserve it!


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