What’s the deal?

I went to the doctor, and while the details do not need to be discussed, I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to that one.  I’ll keep this brief, but let’s say my decision is not because of me, per-say, but because of Addie.

The nurse was brief and dropped my file twice. She didn’t write down what I had told her (questions I’d had), and was extremely curt. Then the doctor. This doctor (midwife) asked a lot of questions about Addie, finally landing on her pediatrician (this is my appointment, yet no questions were asked about me). When I told her, then said and she sees a geneticist, the look of relief on her face was palpable. I felt the room heave itself out of worry. If you had a question, why didn’t you just ask? I don’t like to dance- literally and figuratively.

She said, “I was waiting for you to say something.”

She then asked a lot of questions, like “is achondroplasia like dwarfism?” I said, “it is dwarfism.”
I did my best to educate, but with the constant comments about how she had a poopie diaper (she didn’t) and how she could tell she was pushing (she was rubbing her lips together and humming- which she does to make her gums feel better), I’m not sure this person is qualified to know anything about babies… or about the parts from which they burst from.

Perhaps I just have the wrong midwife, but I’m starting to feel like everyone’s bedside manners have been tossed aside. What happened to care and concern for your patient?

Addie is beautiful and I WANT to answer questions, but I will not circle the bowl trying to drag the real questions out of people.

PSA: PLEASE ask! Parents want to educate for the sake of their sanity and for their child to grow up in a knowledgeable world!

October is Dwarfism Awareness Month! Please ask how to get your state to recognize it!

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  1. Laurie says

    Addie is beautiful and you are smart, so if your gut tell you this is not the doctor for you, follow your instincts. God gave them to you for a reason.

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