Mange the Mango

I know I should be writing serious things about Addie’s trip to Delaware… but sometimes the cute trumps anything else!

Being Dave’s daughter, I knew that she would like fruit, but her adoration of mango proves that she is, indeed, a little Dave:

What is really amazing, is when Dave is home to experience these things with me. He is almost as adorable:

It is nice to have a baby who is adventurous with eating- and her birdie-like behavior is super cute, but what I’ve really been enjoying is watching Dave interact with her more. There are a lot of times that she needs me, and will not go to anyone else, but when she makes little connections with her dad, that means the world to me.

I know some people have been following me for baby food recipes, but I have none for mango. Because mango is out of season, I went with Plum Organics. Addie seems to eat the whole packet and still be a bit hungry, so I’ve added oatmeal to some of the things she eats- and she loves it!  We have begun water from the sippy cup to keep everything moving, but more water goes into her neck than down her throat!

It is amazing watching Addie grow and learn and expand her little horizons into larger ones every day. Ah, the joys of being a mommy.

And on this day, happy 6 months to my dearest Adelaide!

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