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My Delaware blog is coming [slowly] along. I am doing my research and trying to use lots of visuals for learning purposes… not just to ooooh and ahhhh about how adorable my baby girl is. With that in mind, I wanted to help support our ever-growing community in British Columbia (and get you readers some new material)!

A mom reached out for me, and as this is a month of THANKS, I wanted to write that this year, outside of the most beautiful birth experience and the perfect daughter I now have, I am most thankful for the wonderful community that has supported, educated and backed me up since we learned Addie has achondroplasia. Without the LPA and multiple parent resource connections on Yahoo! and Facebook, I know that I would still be in the dark about a lot of things, and told by other parents that I am just paranoid. Having the love and understanding of other parents, learning about what other people have experienced, and their education about dwarfism- I can’t say enough good things. These people and their word of wisdom are priceless to me.

For this reason, I want to spread my joy and give some good ‘ole shout outs to help a new friend! Little People of British Columbia, or LPBC, is participating in a contest. Winning would be a great new beer creation for the masses AND some funding for their organization! Thank you to Tammy, for spear-heading this wonderful time for LPBC! Check out her blog Not Just Another Mom and read more about LPBC and Tammy’s son Declan. When describing the contest, she said it best:

We’re a small group with very limited resources, but a lot of heart. We have been shortlisted as a finalist with a very cool brewing company for their ‘2012 Benefit Brew’. The 10 finalist organizations are going head to head in an online vote, which will decide the winner. The winning organization will partner with Phillips Brewing to create their own custom beer and the entire proceeds from the sales of that beer will go to the winning group. Last year’s winning organization received over $10,000, which would be HUGE for us.

Custom beer AND helping an organization grow to fruition, educate others, and offer wonderful new resources about dwarfism? Sign me up!

Voting began yesterday, but you can start voting and SHARING this page and the link to vote today! Please remember to vote once a day until it ends, November 18th.  I will check back with Tammy at the end of the month and see how our community did. Please open a tab on your computer and leave it open so you remember to vote everyday. Pass it on to your friends on Facebook. Link it to your blog. Your help supporting, encouraging and voting for LPBC to achieve funding in this creative way means a lot to me.

I am thankful for you.



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