This Year, I Resolve…

I never stick to the resolutions that have me saving money I don’t make or going to the gym 9 times a week. And so, I usually don’t make an actual list. This year, however, is different.

To be a better mother, I am making New Year’s resolutions that I hope to turn into whole lifestyle changes.

I’m learning to play more and let go of all of life’s seriousness:

And as fun as it is to watch my infant grow into a baby and beyond, I cannot forget that I too need to grow, myself. I need to continue my life’s trend of learning new things, expanding my passions and, most of all, being the best mom and wife I can be for my family. And so, this year I resolve to…

1. Be nice (to me)
I am a name calling, comparing, down-right mean girl when it  comes to myself. I get into some nasty battles with the mirror, tugging and pulling at the fabric around my body. Flailing my limbs in the reflective surface, making chicken noises. Pinching the skin that showed up with age and life experience. I do all this while my baby girl looks at her own reflection. From behind me, perched on the bed, I see her smiling eyes looking at her own beautiful face. Her perfect little body joyously flailing on the bed as her smile fills her face and her blue eyes sparkle back at her. Children only know what they’ve been told and done, which isn’t much. I don’t want to be the example of body-image issues in 12 years. I never want Addie to think that she isn’t beautiful. Everything about her is gorgeous, perfect, just as I made her, and I guess my body is pretty ok, too. Just as she made me.

Addie 2013

2. Know when to hold ‘em
Know when to fold ‘em. Know when to walk away. And know when to run. You get it? (Thanks Kenny) I am a feisty woman. I somehow found a man who loves me just the way I am. Poor guy. I often don’t hold my tongue, which is great… you will never have to wonder what I think or how I feel about something. Addie, however, doesn’t need to know how I feel about Dave being on the computer at 2am, or me yelling at him for working late. I need to keep parent things between the parents. Dave and I are happily married, those silly fights are just silly, and we both never want Addie to feel like we aren’t a team. We are one unit of Martinkadelux!


3. Earn it to own it
I want to write more, more, more!!! I need to set aside time for me and my writing. I want 2013 to continue to launch dwarfism awareness. I want to keep being passionate about crafting and getting better at sewing so I can make and alter clothes for Addie in the future. I need to remember that nap time doesn’t always mean vacuum, scrub and dust. Sometimes it means, paint your nails, take a long shower, read a chapter in the same book you’ve been reading for 3 months.


As I watch Dave loving his Christmas gift, I can already see him becoming more organized. If I knew all he needed was a smart phone! His effects pedals, Made Rite Effects are taking off, he is going to London on a business trip, and he’s taking care of his 2 ladies on his own.

We had a beautiful New Years Eve spent with some AMAZING people, and I can’t wait to make this year better than the last (as if 2013 could top Addie?!):

New Years Baby



I’m so ready for you, 2013. Bring it on!

Awesome beginning to 2013: Addie’s 2 bottom teeth popped through (at the same time) on 12/28!

So… she’s learning how to brush teeth!

Being silly with Daddy on NYE

Being silly with Daddy on NYE


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26 Responses to This Year, I Resolve…

  1. Adelaide is absolutely GORGEOUS! She looks like a Diva in her 2013 crown! Happy New Year!

  2. Aw, I remember the teething and tooth brushing. Hope you are getting some rest during this phase and Happy New Year!

  3. Your resolve for the new year…rocks. So does your blog. Addie is a beautiful child and so blessed to have you as her mom. Happy 2013, Chelley!

  4. Good for you for including #1! I may add that to my resolutions list as well :) And love the tooth brushing pic!

  5. great list. and i love the kenny reference. LOL

  6. I absolutely love the picture of her on the bed with the 2013 headband.

  7. She is just adorable, love the teeth brushing shot! Happy New Year!

  8. I can’t get over that picture with her chin resting in her hand…she’s like “so this 2013 thing, are you ready for this!?”

  9. Great list of resolutions! I totally relate to nap time not being cleaning time & it always takes me forever to read a book! I need to resolve to take a little more me time too!

  10. Great list! I have to work on #1 in a major way, too. You have such a beautiful family. You are a blessed mama!

  11. sara

    All these photos are fantastic! the Marsh family misses the Deluxe Martinka family..

  12. Love your resolutions! #1 is big for me too!!

  13. This is a great list! I really try to stick to number 1 too… I always want my girls to look at themselves & see beauty! The picture of Addie laying on the bed with the 2013 headband on is adorable!!! Love those big, blue eyes!!

  14. Laurie Dorman

    Addie is a beautiful little girl who is lucky to have such loving parents. Heres wishing you all a Happy, healthy New Year and I hope we can continue to get together whenever you come to town for a visit.

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