Drool on me

So… I went to some craft shows to sell my bibs. I am donating a portion of the profits to my local LPA chapter… but I have to have profits first! Even with my mother-in-law helping me with a huge majority of the fabric, I’m still in the red with just Facebook sales, so I figured some shows would help.

I was wrong. But I’m OK with that. I will still be sending a donation District 1!

I didn’t truly enjoy my first show. It was a cold night and I saw about 12 people come in, total. I DID get to share a table with the awesome Sarah of Sweet ‘lil You- so that was fantastoc! But this is what my table looked like before and after the show:

Bird tree



So, I tried my hand at the game a second time. I didn’t come up big, but I met some amazing crafters AND I didn’t leave empty handed. Or, in my case, cash box. Sadly, I only had a few business cards left, so I made these horrendous things- but I’m hoping to get over to Moo.com and order some pretty, new ones soon!

Bib and tutu

My info!


bib layout

I felt good while I was there, and the other tables around me were full of some beautiful things- from food to handcrafted jewelry! I just HAD to get earrings for my mom from Ella Grace Jewelry Design. If you ever want a statement piece, even one that you can wear everyday, THIS is your place! I also made a partnership with Rebecca & Me (her products are in my new baby gift baskets), and Silpada representative Jillian Lizotte is amazing!

I guess all is not lost- I hope to add to my crafting and be less specific to babies… or at least more well-rounded. Plus, I used items I had with me and made some adorable tutus for the holidays! I will say that I spoke to a handful of people about dwarfism, they had a bunch of questions, and it felt great to educate! There were a few times I heard normal and it made me cringe, but that’s when I gently respond replacing ‘normal’ with ‘average’, and I van tell by the nod they understand. It felt great to tell people Addie IS, essentially, normal (although any baby of mine is bound to be a tad strange). One woman said, “Oh that’s wonderful. I watch Little People Big World all the time. I love that family!”

I thought to myself, ‘you know what? It is wonderful.”

Please Like Type A Style’s page and consider handmade for all your gift-giving occasions!


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8 Responses to Drool on me

  1. I am speechless. I just showed the pictures of your adorable bib scarves and other crafts to my kids and they were amazed! You are so creative! Keep pressing on!

  2. MamaLuvsBooks

    How much are the bibs? I want two!!!

  3. THOSE ARE AMAZING!!!!! Do you have an etsy store?

  4. Love those bibs. So, so cute. If only my son still wore them!

  5. wildflowerstudiophoto.com/blog

    Your work is adorable! Very cute! My boys are too old for bibs, but I do have my photography clients that may be interested. Also- this may sound so silly, but we got a golden lab puppy for Xmas and I think she’d look super cute in one! :) best wishes on your new adventure! :)

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