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So… I went to some craft shows to sell my bibs. I am donating a portion of the profits to my local LPA chapter… but I have to have profits first! Even with my mother-in-law helping me with a huge majority of the fabric, I’m still in the red with just Facebook sales, so I figured some shows would help.

I was wrong. But I’m OK with that. I will still be sending a donation District 1!

I didn’t truly enjoy my first show. It was a cold night and I saw about 12 people come in, total. I DID get to share a table with the awesome Sarah of Sweet ‘lil You– so that was fantastoc! But this is what my table looked like before and after the show:

Bird tree



So, I tried my hand at the game a second time. I didn’t come up big, but I met some amazing crafters AND I didn’t leave empty handed. Or, in my case, cash box. Sadly, I only had a few business cards left, so I made these horrendous things- but I’m hoping to get over to Moo.com and order some pretty, new ones soon!

Bib and tutu

My info!


bib layout

I felt good while I was there, and the other tables around me were full of some beautiful things- from food to handcrafted jewelry! I just HAD to get earrings for my mom from Ella Grace Jewelry Design. If you ever want a statement piece, even one that you can wear everyday, THIS is your place! I also made a partnership with Rebecca & Me (her products are in my new baby gift baskets), and Silpada representative Jillian Lizotte is amazing!

I guess all is not lost- I hope to add to my crafting and be less specific to babies… or at least more well-rounded. Plus, I used items I had with me and made some adorable tutus for the holidays! I will say that I spoke to a handful of people about dwarfism, they had a bunch of questions, and it felt great to educate! There were a few times I heard normal and it made me cringe, but that’s when I gently respond replacing ‘normal’ with ‘average’, and I van tell by the nod they understand. It felt great to tell people Addie IS, essentially, normal (although any baby of mine is bound to be a tad strange). One woman said, “Oh that’s wonderful. I watch Little People Big World all the time. I love that family!”

I thought to myself, ‘you know what? It is wonderful.”

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  1. says

    I am speechless. I just showed the pictures of your adorable bib scarves and other crafts to my kids and they were amazed! You are so creative! Keep pressing on!

  2. wildflowerstudiophoto.com/blog says

    Your work is adorable! Very cute! My boys are too old for bibs, but I do have my photography clients that may be interested. Also- this may sound so silly, but we got a golden lab puppy for Xmas and I think she’d look super cute in one! :) best wishes on your new adventure! :)

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