I love… me!

On this (made-up) holiday, I offer you the option to love yourself. My gift for the one I love: c’est moi? A run on the treadmill. 3 miles to myself. I wish it were outside, but sans health insurance on these bad knees? No thanks.

My first post on Running From Nothing, a blog I no longer write on, was called: Night One. Writing this felt as amazing as it still does to run 3 miles and still have more left in me.

I invite each one of you to get out there and do something for you today. Maybe make it a habit? A happy you, makes for a happy partner and happy family.

I love you, Dave… but I love me, too.

Cox 1/2 Marathon 2011

Cox 1/2 Marathon

As for my favorite valentine?

My Valentine!

My Valentine!

She and I will be kissing, hugging, snuggling and reading with each other all day… after I run :)


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9 Responses to I love… me!

  1. That onsie is adorable! I’m taking your advice and hitting the treadmill when I get home with some of MY favorite music blaring! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. <3 your reminder to be your own best Valentine by taking a little time for yourself. Every year I get myself a birthday present. I should do the same for V-Day. Maybe I will sneak out to the gym today…you've inspired me!

  3. You gotta love yourself first and foremost, right? I think we all need to be reminded that we need to put ourselves right up there with the rest of them. That 3 mile run probably felt damn good. Love it! And Addie’s shirt is adorable! Is that puffy paint????

  4. She is so beautiful!!! Enjoy your run!

  5. The shirt is too cute! A run alone sounds heavenly. At this point it’s be more of a waddle for me.

  6. Oh my- I seriously love her shirt! And this reminds me that I need to go running! Doing my first 5K soon!

  7. The greatest gift – to love yourself! What a great Valentine’s Day post!
    And I see the sparkly shirt you made! Very cute and crafty!

  8. Every time your blog loads I get so excited to see your pictures! That shirt is precious!

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