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Sometimes I am convinced I live in the dark ages of the blogging community. I have found some AMAZING blogs… but everyone already knows about them. Where the heck have I been? Then I remember. Dave and I re-met in 2007, began dating in 2008, bought the money pit (j/k I love my house) and married in 2009… we both worked 7 days a week, totaling more than 100 hours every week between us until my water broke April 15th. At that point I wasn’t blogging anymore, and what I was writing was about the family HERE or about running HERE (I wish I’d done more with the last blog). Who cares who I know about, right? ME! I CARE!

I was recently tagged by an inspiring local blogger, Jennifer of Multiple Realities, in her old school meme post, and I was super excited to join in! Remember the MySpace days of filling this stuff out? Let’s be real: people love to talk about themselves. I’m no different. I have to live with me, so I know a lot about me. I’m a blogger, so I over-share. This short and simple project got me all giddy. And, here we are.

Thanks to Jennifer, I’ve been introduced to The Miss Elaine-ous Life, and I’m hooked! Elaine started THIS old school meme in 2008, and is reigniting the trend HERE! I am SO thankful I was tagged so I could check out her blog (how amazing to be a writer with such a following- I aspire and digress).

And back on track! Here is my 2013 Old School Alphabet Meme!

A. Attached or Single?  The former.

B. Best Friend?  It’s true love:


C. Cake or pie?  Cherry pie.  All the time.

D. Day of choice?  Friday- I get to spend the morning swimming, the afternoon with the bestie, and it means the next day Dave and I can sleep in a little!

E. Essential Item?  THE diaper bag… it houses a lot, including snacks, coffee and, well… diapers.

F. Favorite color?  Is plain blue acceptable?

G. Gummy bears or worms?  Yikes- not for these teeth!

H. Hometown?  Huntingdon Valley, PA

I. Favorite Indulgence?  Wine. Lots of it.

J. January or July?  July, because that’s when the best big sister ever was born <3


K. Kids?  Adelaide Eileen <3


L. Life isn’t complete without?  The LPA and POLP (parents of little people) communities and all of their support.

M. Marriage date?  August 2, 2009

N. Number of brothers/sisters? I have an older (somewhat wiser and definitely more beautiful) sister, Jessica, younger brothers (identical twins) who I still refer to as The Twinnies, Nick and Geoff, and a deceased baby brother, Jonathan, who would be 23.
(BTW: Jen, your brother sounds amazing. May I be placed on a waiting list? 😉 )

O. Oranges or Apples.  Apples. Maybe in a pie. Unless there is cherry pie… then I want the cherry and I will leave the apples behind.

P. Phobias?  The dark after a scary movie. Literally debilitating.

Q. Quotes?  Many times I pick something from a list I’ve compiled over the years, but recently, a POLP mom said this to me: “People in general get uncomfortable when their own truth is facing them. When they have to acknowledge their own behavior and perceptions, only then can real change occur.” It resonated deep in my soul, and I hope I can learn from her when we meet in DC this summer. Thank you Tonya.

R. Reasons to smile?  I used to believe there were none. Truly. Perhaps I’ll write more to this, someday. But one day I put my feet on the floor, and weaned myself off years of medication and decided SOMETHING HAD TO BE WORTH IT. Then I found him and we made her.


S. Season of choice?  True Spring- warm enough to stick your feet in the water and maybe hit the beach once or twice.

T. Tag 5 People.  Mary, Mike, Sarah, Tera and Jane.

U. Unknown fact about me? I want to get into politics (local level), but I fear what would be said about me and my family.

V. Vegetable?  Artichoke

W. Worst habit?  My phone

X. Xray or Ultrasound?  Am I supposed to like one more?

Y. Your favorite food? Avocado!

Z. Zodiac sign?  Scorpio. If you’ve ever met me, you’d know.

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  1. says

    SUPER fun – I love these meme posts, and sharing things about ourselves. Your response to letter O makes me giggle. Now I know what to make for dessert whenever we can have a get together 😉

  2. says

    I’m with Sharon. I don’t do scary movies either. I have cardio issues DURING! lol! And Hey, do you like cherry pie!? 😉 Thanks so much for linking up!

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