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I remember telling Kristen… she’s got a big head. I laughed nervously. Kristen told me all babies are different. She assured me nothing was wrong. She was right. Nothing is wrong, but I was right, too. Something is different.

Addie and I  headed to the doctor. We left in tears. Addie in pain from her shots and me with my heart breaking. An ultrasound and a skeletal survey were in the works. We never made it.

I remember emailing Kristen. Dwarfism. I don’t know what it means. How do I tell people. I want to tell the group. Will you sit with me. Will I be OK?

I was.
She was there.
The whole time.

The accident where I got rear ended at 20 weeks.
The feeling that I couldn’t leave Addie with anyone, but I couldn’t leave the dishes, either.
The time Dave left on business and Addie ended up at the doctor’s office 6 times.
The beach where I would have surely burned myself and my baby to ashes.
The days, weeks and months that I needed people to hear ME and not the internet version of myself.

Kristen was there.

Rhode Island New Moms Connection means more than just time out of the house, a place to bring the baby, or  where I met my best friend. It is what helped me retain sanity. It was my sounding board. It was there that I met Sarah, and was introduced to an amazing group of bloggers.

I cannot thank Kristen enough for all that she’s given me. Not just a place to share with other women, but friendships for a lifetime- the people that were there with me during my first steps of motherhood, diagnosis and that have shared all of my heartache and all of the amazing firsts with me as if they were their own.

Thank you, Rhode Island New Moms Connection.

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