The End

I wrote about BSharp before, but THESE were not my only thoughts. It’s not often I feel the need to branch away from Addie on this blog, but today I must. I must focus on the man who made it possible.


C. 2008

C. 2008

After 10 years, Dave is shutting the doors to a business he built from the bottom floor. Of course he has business partners, but the dedicated man who gave seven days a week to the shop, then hours spent at home planning how to build it, grow it and nurture it, all those times he wanted to close before but gave it one more (and then another…) go. That is Dave.

He did not let go of a sinking ship, just finally realized that he had to dock the boat before running aground (can you tell it’s summer and I love boats?). This is what brings me such comfort. I don’t have it in me to recognize when to let things be. My whole life I have struggled with saying goodbye, closing doors and moving on. Dave has taught me that it’s OK to do these things. It’s not all about making everything work- that is not success. He’s shown me that sometimes success is simply not failing.

After 10 years of quality business and hundreds of broken hearts at the news of closing, success is apparent. It’s not in the measure of money or the fame or notoriety, it’s in the community of love and support that surrounds BSharp.

I am proud to be your wife, the mother of your daughter and to have been the one that you chose to fight for, for better and worse.
I wish I could hire a skywriter to announce how much I love you and how blessed Addie and I are to have you and your perseverance. You teach us to keep going, and to create new paths when the old are worn.
Here’s to ten years.

Addie in the BSharp t-shirt I altered for her! ...and her sad face at the end.

Addie in the BSharp t-shirt I altered for her! …and her sad face at the end.

Thank you for bringing me back from this and building these walls around me <3

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    So sweet, Chelley. I love the lessons you learned through Dave’s experience. You are right that success is not measured in $$$ but in the work we do, the people we touch, and our ethics. You are both SO successful and so admired in the work you do!!

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