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It’s summer- AMEN! The sun, beach, pool, water, heatwaves, sun, sun, sun.

Besides vitamin D, the sun also provides us with warmth, happy feelings and lots of memories of days spent out-of-doors. All of those memories, we hope, are not tainted with the dreaded BURN!


I am always very careful… then sometimes I’m not. Sadly, there are moments that I just miss parts and end up with the same result: burn. It’s embarrassing for me, as I come from a family afflicted with cancer (not necessarily skin), and do not want to increase my risk or exposure to carcinogens, but sometimes I find myself here:


I began to think… this is common for many people. Because of the pain it causes NOW and the pain it could cause in the future (in the form of a life threatening illness), I hope to share my secrets about how I protect myself year ’round.

1. We all like to lay out in the sun… I even flip like  a pancake :) I also remember to wear sunglasses whenever I’m out in the sun (Dave and Addie, too!).


Addie In Glasses

Carter’s shades

2. Make it your routine. I keep my sunscreen everywhere and add it to products, too! When I apply foundation, I put a dollop of Clinique SPF 30 in my palm as well- or just use Cityblock (the expense is worth it for my face!). I do this everyday, keeping the bottle in my makeup bag to ensure its use. I also add some CVS brand to my hand and body lotion, especially in the summer- always making sure to apply it to my neck and chest. The thinnest skin (and often the first to wrinkle) is on the chest and neck: let’s protect it!! There is a bottle in my diaper bag- for me and Babyganics for Addie- and I try to keep the sunscreen away the elements (freezing and heating to the point of melting both lesson the effectiveness of SPF). There is a bottle of the spray kind to whip around myself before a run in the sun (or to reach my back when no one else is around to help) right near my fuel belt!


3. When dressing baby, add SPF to the scene! I make sure to put sunscreen on Addie before I dress her in the morning, to give her a base protection. I always add more if we are outside for extended periods of time, but I don’t worry if we take a short walk around the block- because I know there is some protection there! Remember that your babes are getting sun through the windows, just like you- a good base of SPF will help protect them on long drives.


4. Offer to help! Dave forgets his ears, head and tops of his feet- Those are the hot spots. Literally. I always give him a reminder and then attack him with a handful of lotion on his back and shoulders (as to not repeat his severe Ocean City, NJ burn of 2010, as seen above!):

Sunscreen application

The easiest tip is sunglasses… they’re fashionable, and prevent eye damage and premature wrinkling, not to mention blind spots while driving. It’s not easy, but to add sunscreen to your daily routine can make a difference to the number of years you have to enjoy these long summer days and nights filled with good friends, family and food. Go, right now, and add SPF to the lotions you use everyday- it’s a start, and a start is somewhere!

I wish you a happy, healthy and burn-free summer!


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  1. says

    Great tips and yes protection from the sun is SO important!! I wish they could make a spray for plain zinc oxide, as I am allergic to most other sunscreen’s :( so i spray my back before a run then itch like a madwoman for 2 days. :) I need correct weather so I can cover up Hehe!!

  2. says

    I found out from an eye doctor that by the time your 18, if you have blue eyes and don’t wear sunglasses in the sun up to 90% of some part of your eye (I don’t remember which part) can be burned away. I always use the spray for backs, if I don’t and spot will get missed. One more tidbit (can you tell I grew up on the beach) Never forget the part of you child hair! It burns the fastest. That is all for now.

    • martinkadelux says

      YES! Addie is such a ginger, I always slather her scalp and hair, then spray it and always reapply to her ears!

  3. says

    I struggle with the reapplication. We always start the day off armed for the sun, slathered in sunscreen and raring to go. Then the kids swim and roll int he sand and all bets are off. It’s like I am exfoliating their skin as I try to rub it into the grit and then two seconds later they’re back in the water rinsing it off! As for Vitamin D, we are all stocked up!

    • martinkadelux says

      I use spray after she’s covered in sand… makes the exfoliation less (and LOTS of baby powder to get the sand off!).

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