Marvelous Monday!

So… here we are, Monday. I knew we would meet again.

As this new week begins, I am filled with excitement for many awesome things. Fall is in the air… apple picking, pumpkin pie making (mmmm… love pumpkin pie from scratch!), jeans and boots, flannel and scarves, warm days and chilly nights, waking up needing to be snuggled in, hot chocolate and FOOTBALL! But, more than that, I am thankful for our new pool group!

Addie loves to swim, but financially, swim lessons can be hard on top of the music class, organic foods and life’s incidentals- so I finally inquired about a swim program I heard our PT talking about months ago. As it were, a new group was beginning in a few weeks, and now that week is here! We will be working with 2 professionals who will help build Addie’s core strength and allow her some more time in the water-which is always a big hit. I will have an update about what she likes best, but I can already tell you singing songs in the pool is one of our favorite activities.  swimmingbug

* * *

This week, while on the topic of dwarfism, I want to give a big virtual hug to Miss Ashley Bernard for her start up of the webpage The M-Word. She uses the slogan: Give your word to prevent the word. She is an amazing advocate for herself and the entire dwarfism community and has been raising awareness and educating people who have signed her petition from all over the country, including individuals in India and the UK. Please read more HERE, and sign the petition to stop using the m-word today.

* * *

And lastly… a random! I got back to my roots this weekend and helped produce one of my favorite weddings to date. This is random, not just because I’ve been out of the daily swing of things, but because the wedding was so unique- someone actually told me they felt like they were in a movie! The event took place at the Providence Steel Yard which gave us a beautiful blank slate, and was artfully lit for ambiance by Holiday Impressions. The rentals came from New England Tent, who did a great job getting us a permit last minute (!) and Quality Rental. Pianist during the ceremony and cocktail hour, John Dias, played awesome renditions of top-40 hits in a huge range of genres from Billy Joel to Guns ‘n’ Roses’ November Rain (which the bride walked down the aisle to!).


SetupThe tent came with lights on the inside, but with the couples’ families, the scene came alive! Balloons and floral arrangements adorned the tent, with votive candles on each table. Old 45s were used as place cards for guests- an awesome reflection of the bride and groom! All flowers came from Flowers by Semia, and were quite romantic- assembled by the bride’s Aunt as both centerpieces and bouquets. A few pieces of the Yard were employed for more than decor, and the lawn (referred to as the grassy knoll) was simple but functional with blankets arranged for guests to enjoy the evening.



No wedding at the Steel Yard could be complete with out great food, which there was no shortage of. Cups of Del’s were passed around prior to the ceremony, as well as water, and for dinner, local Providence chef Stephanie Mancini prepared salads, grilled steaks and boiled lobsters served up with corn, baked potatoes and corn bread all night- finished off with freshly sliced watermelon, for her inaugural catering event. She nailed it! And there was Poco Loc0, known for being The Best Damn Taco Truck in Town. They did not let down- serving up smiles and full bellies to everyone, including Biz Markie (!!!!) who was the surprise guest entertainment for all 150 lucky guests! Combined with the candy table, cakes from Gregg’s and a doughnut cake from Allie’s Donuts- guests were pleased with their many food choices!




Lastly, I want to thank Bouvier Woodworking for making a wine box for the new Mr. and Mrs., hand stenciling this newly offered font (even if it looked too thin)! I loved the way it turned out and love that I was able to offer my clients such a beautiful piece to remember their day.wineboxIf you can’t tell… I LOVE weddings- even ones where not everyone is rowing the boat in the same direction.


This was my cue for the bridal party… but I think I might need to try this out for myself in life. Walk slowly and smile! Here’s to love, life and happiness for a lifetime.

Happy Monday, Reader!!!


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8 Responses to Marvelous Monday!

  1. I had no idea you produced weddings and this looks phenomenal! I LOVE the RI touches of Del’s and Donut wedding cake! Awesome! (your pool group looks fun too!)
    elizabethatalay recently posted…UncommonGoods For The Common GoodMy Profile

  2. Rebecca

    I love your Monday posts. I try to make a point to read them before I head to school for the day :)

  3. The pool group looks like a ton of fun! Good luck.
    And I’m a huge fan of the Bouvier Woodworking wine boxes – what a nice gift for your clients.

  4. Holy cow, I had no idea you were a wedding planner! Seriously, that sounds like the best wedding ever!!! You had me at Biz Markie :) Plus the RI touches were perfect. Now I want a donut. And Dels.
    Jessica @ Keeping Mommy Sane recently posted…Adios to Summer RunningMy Profile

  5. Happy Monday! Donuts and Del’s…oh my!!
    Sheri recently posted…The First of the Practical JokesMy Profile

  6. I went to an event in the Steel Yard last year – what a cool space! And it looks like such an awesome wedding! Swimming classes are going to be SO fun! Can’t wait to hear more about them!

  7. Jodi

    Swimming looks so fun! And the wedding – wow! Looks like a “best of RI” themed wedding, including the planner!

  8. What a cute little swimmer!!!! =) Love her!

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