Marvelous Monday

This weekend was a blast!!!!!

I am SO thankful for my inlaws and their never-ending patience! Living on a street that is great for yardsales, my mother-in-law and I decided to unload our stuff before the Winter… pulling Dave and my father-in-law in on it. With lots of planning, searching, basement cleaning and organizing, all of our items were in the driveway by 7am on Saturday. The cold morning was replaced with sunshine and laughter, as my my in-laws and I hung out. Yep. Like we went way back. Like they were my own parents, or that they had known me forever. It was awesome.

Eventually Dave and Addie came (the babe sleeps til 9:30 most days), and Gramma went to be Gramma and Grandpa played with the cousins. But those few hours were awesome! We had a decent day, so right before breakdown we decided to set it up again the next day. Our haul? Less than $20, but again… just the three of us hung out over chilling coffee, a nap in the driveway (yep, me), homemade breakfast sandwiches on my FIL’s freshly baked bread (SO good!) and talks of $25 tea sets. It was an awesome weekend (except for the Philadelphia Eagles’ loss), and I hope that we keep up the [new] tradition of the family yardsale!


*  *  *

This week I just want to celebrate! I got the proclamation declaring October Dwarfism Awareness Month! I shared THIS post with the wording… check it out! Let’s get all of our states to make the same declaration!

*  *  *

Lastly (like how short this one is this week? …don’t get used to it!): My random of the week is don’t give up. When Addie was first born, there was an instant connection with us. More than love- a lifeline- before she was born, I was, in fact, her lifeline. Watching Dave as a new dad wasn’t like the movies. He was tentative, but not nervous. He was in love, so in love… but I was scared that same connection I felt wasn’t there. Fast forward to our toddler. The one who is scooped up by Daddy and flown out the front door in sheer excitement to share the full moon with his girl. The one who has breakfast dates with Daddy, sans Mommy (who is delivered her coffee in bed). The girl who loves for Daddy to read books but screams for Mommy to put her to sleep… the slight watering of Dave’s eyes as he passes her off to me. The girl who runs after her Daddy (and puppy), but never has to ask him to wait- he’s already running back to her. The bond is there. It was there all along. I didn’t see it because I was blinded by hours of nursing and pumping, baby food making, diapers, doctors’ appointments and one class or another. But when I stopped and observed I saw it. I’m glad I didn’t give up on him. I knew he was the perfect man (for me) and would be the best father (for our child…ren?).


Happy Monday, Reader! May you find new appreciation, empowerment and connectivity.


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  1. lilly ink says

    There is something só symbolic about this photo of your little girl and her dad on the bridge … (over troubled water). I think maybe for the first time the three of you started to relax a little. I almost envy you … but want you to enjoy every moment of your courageous journey.

    • Mikki Carnevale says

      Your are an amazing person. I love how you express your emotions and observations. I look forward to reading more pieces that give ME an uplifting perspective on my OWN situation. I, too, felt a connection to this daughter, this “little” one of mine, even before she was born. It’s like I always knew something no one else did…it defies explanation…I used to talk to her and KNOW it would always be “special” between us. “You and me, kid”, I used to say as I rubbed my belly. I feel a kinship with you, too, Chelly, although I don’t REALLY know you. But, it’s there..I see it through your pictures and words, and I thank you for that. Have a wonderful day with your wonderful family. Michelle (Mikki) Carnevale

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