So, How was it?

It’s funny to look back and realize I haven’t answered one basic question about our summer trip to DC for the LPA National Conference.

How was it?

To be blunt… it was awesomeamazinginformativehelpfuleducationalempoweringfriendlyfunexpensive.What was all that?

It was awesome (and amazing)-
adjective: awesome extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear

So… that should explain that!

The conference was truly informative. I learned A LOT- some of which I’ve already shared, and some that is left to come. More than learning, stripped down, the conference was helpful. It was more than information from professionals- it was an experience. It was an experience that we will remember forever. Like when a stranger offers you a dime that you’re short at the checkout… you recall that moment years later. The National Conference was full of people who knew Addie, who thanked me for being CPL, who never heard of me, who wanted to share experiences, who wanted to tell me about the future. It was more than the internet and strangers giving me advice- it was parents, siblings, spouses helping me navigate a world that I am still fairly new to. Thus… I guess I summed it up by saying it was educational.

More than anything, as a parent, the National Conference was empowering. I learned so much about how I can advocate for Addie, and I was told I was doing a great job thus far. That may not mean much, but to anyone whose child is deemed “special needs”, someone giving you a pat on the back can mean the world. And lots of people told me I was doing great- hugs from all over- from Facebook people I’d only talked to online, to new friends I met in the lobby lounge, long after the kids were in bed. Late talks about growing up, or parenting, or about how good dinner was! The conference was friendly and inviting- to new comers and old friends alike.

Lastly, although it was so much fun, it was also really expensive! We have talked about going to California this coming summer, but are doubtful we will make it. There are certainly high hopes, but with all of the great aspects surrounding something of this caliber, there are obviously financial obligations. Although Addie didn’t reap the benefits we did, I suggest to go if you can- no matter the age of your child! If you plan on going to a National, don’t miss out on my next few posts about the conference- there will be some pretty fantastic tips in there!

Til then,

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  1. says

    You always make everything so peaceful and exciting all at the same time. You are a born Mama and teacher and mentor… always learning, always growing, always sharing, always developing ways for the rest of us to live with more joy. Thank you, thank you for everything you do… xo!

  2. says

    I’m still hopeful we can make the trip to California next year.. but it’s quite possible that it’s not in the cards (also for financial reasons). Then I think maybe I should wait until Declan is a bit older, but then reading about your experience this year.. it makes me want to go even more. I won’t write it off quite yet! Too bad we’re on opposite coasts.. one day we’ll have to maybe meet (at a conference) in the middle 😉
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    • martinkadelux says

      Seriously, I can see waiting… but it was SO great for us as parents (and grandparents- my Mom came). I hope we both can bring our families to Cali! How awesome!!!!

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