Marvelous Monday

What a wonderful week! Welcome Monday! I want to thank our bravest members of society and salute you this Veterans Day. The strength and courage it takes to defend this country is not one that has been, historically, simple or easy. To those of you, past, present and future, I am thankful for you.

What else was I thankful for this past week? Besides an Eagles‘ win yesterday:
4th: My littlest lady with the biggest appetite. She is beyond full with a hunger to learn, a heart bursting with love and a pallet that would make most foodies swoon!
5th: Whole remedies! We went to Wholefoods to pick up some natural things to treat colds, and Addie, Dave and I kicked whatever was coming on without much inconvenience!
6th: My blogger connections. We maybe mostly internet friends, but the support I get from my “co-workers” and readers mean so much to me.
7th: A safe mom-mobile!!
8th: A husband who pushes me to dream bigger, then pushes himself to make those dreams a reality.
9th: All the wonder and innocence that is wrapped up in my sweet, Addie. Her joy at watching others have fun, her desire to make others smile and her determination to get in on all the good things in life define me as a human. There is some good left in the world, and I have a sliver of that truth right here in my home:

at the park
10th: A birthday celebration that truly showed how life can fall into place. When I was just home from the hospital with Addie, friends came to visit… then it all sort of stopped. At some point we all became really busy and went in different directions. Many have come back together, but in this past 18 months I’ve met new people, reconnected with others and remained tied to a few. Brunch in the morning and then spending a quiet evening with dinner cooked by my personal bestie-master chef, some red wine, little girls babbling away and the men installing a faucet was the perfect celebration to my Saturday night. Surprising me the next day was my father-in-law, who delivered a cake to the bar where we would later watch football (the Martinka men aren’t always on point, but this was kind of awesome!). I also got the best cards from family all over- like Florida and California and my baby brothers didn’t forget to send their old sis a text <3

at the bar

When all the days culminate into a nasty week, it’s hard to remember the weeks that went like this. Here is it- written on the interwebs. No denying it… I have an amazing family surrounding me.

*  *  *

This week, for dwarfism awareness, I have to share this:

Benefit Brew Graphic2

Just click the image to VOTE now!

*  *  *

A random? I wanted to reiterate my thanks to You. You choose to read this blog and comment, follow, share. You educate along side me, spread awareness and take a journey with me through motherhood, a career change to writing and learning to take life a bit at a time. It’s not random at all, in fact. It’s all I think about when I sit to write, when I look at product pitches, and even when I present new information- I want to be sure the content I share is something beneficial. Perhaps a story that will bring happiness, create some normalcy or teach. Give an outline, offer some hope, or just make you think. I hope to share more products and lifestyle information in the upcoming year… mostly so everyone can have more options to win cool stuff (like my massage giveaway that just ended!). Please, keep doing what you’re doing- if you thought no one noticed, I did.


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  1. Delia says

    Thank you for inspiring me with your words. You are an amazing writer and I appreciate your refreshingly positive attitude towards life. I check in regularly and never leave a post, but felt inclined to today to just let you know your voice is heard!

    • martinkadelux says

      This comment means more to me than I can express. Sometimes I don’t know if anyone is out there- truly. Writing at home is a lonely place to work- knowing that I am reaching out to people and making connections like this bring me such peace <3

  2. Shell says

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!! I hope your year is filled with much love, joy, happiness and health! You look beautiful and Addie is so cute all bundled up in her winter attire :)

    • martinkadelux says

      Echinacea, Zinc, Elderberry and Probiotics (lower dose for immunity and health)… hot water with fresh lemon juice and raw honey and broth to sip! You feel better, love!

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