Little Bits Carseat Cover *REVIEW*

I received a car seat cover from Little Bits by Monica Rodgers in exchange for a review. As always, all opinions are my own.

When I was asked if I wanted to do a review of a product that was voted Mother’s Pick by Kate Hudson (yes, THE Kate Hudson), I almost fell over. I quickly emailed my YES first.

Arriving in a beautiful reusable canvas bag, the perfect gift for the woman who has it all had arrived. Due to my car seat’s design (Graco MyRide 65), I knew that the cover would not be a good fit for us, but I knew the perfect lady: my best friend! Also the mother of a toddler: messy, spilling, sweating, adorable toddler, Hadley. As I dry Addie’s car seat from another water spill (she’s only allowed water in the car), I eye the gift sitting unwrapped on my desk. What a perfect, unique creation.


The car seat cover.

Infant seat cover. Picture from Little Bits.

Infant seat cover. Picture from Little Bits.

Infant seat cover. Picture from Little Bits.

Infant seat cover. Picture from Little Bits.

Toddler car seat cover. Picture from Little Bits.

Toddler car seat cover. Picture from Little Bits.


Initially, The Original Car Seat Cover Company in its 2004 launch, this year took on a relaunch under the name Little Bits by Monica Rodgers. Monica’s mission is to inspire her customer in thought, deed, and style. She hopes to to inspire parents to think about doing their “little bit” in the world. It takes a village to raise a child, but also to heal the world and make a difference. And her past reveals just that. Her products have been featured in InStyle Magazine, NY times, Child Magazine, Newport Life Magazine, on the Today Show and a celebrity favorite for parenting gear. Monica’s car seat covers are durable, practical, styling and downright PERFECT for all parents! If you’re looking for other great accessories, lovies, apparel and burp cloths are some great choices!
Please check out Little Bits’ WEBSITE, on FACEBOOK, or contact Monica at or 401-588-4388 for pricing info and to order.
Best part? You, Reader, get 20% off your order from today until December 15th with the code: rhodybloggerA
Are you stumped on a great holiday gift? Order today and fulfill your list with a unique car seat cover for the most stylish parents in your life.
Happy shopping,


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8 Responses to Little Bits Carseat Cover *REVIEW*

  1. Monica is so brilliant- a dear friend and I’m so proud of her creations. I love these too! Such a great review, Chelley.
    @JackieHennesse1 recently posted…Serenity Now – Tips for Staying Sane This Holiday SeasonMy Profile

    • martinkadelux

      She is amazing- and the detail from the bag to the beautiful instruction card- it’s THE gift to get and I am SO honored to be able to give!

  2. Chelley,
    This is SUPER! thank you so much! The website is up if you can plug the new link url it’s and people can order using the discount code right on the site ;) You da’ bomb.

    • martinkadelux

      Added it in!!!!Love the site and the cover is SO high quality…I’m jealous I am going to be giving it as a gift- I swear I want to snuggle it. Darn cup holders on my seat!!!

  3. I remember seeing this offer but in my newborn sleepless fog I let it go by. I didn’t know there were options out there to use different covers on car seats. Our infant carrier cover is U.G.L.Y. and made of very uncomfortable fabric. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter, poor baby. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Shell

    SOunds like a great carseat cover! Great review, Chelley!

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