Stocking Stuffers… a tradition!

With lots of my friends asking about stocking stuffer ideas and family traditions making their way into my heart, I wanted to share how I grew up and what stocking stuffers are to the Worth (and now Martinka) Family!

I decided that I would budget $50 for stuffers, which would be for myself, Dave, Addie and my Mom (we travel home for Christmas and my step dad never caught on to our stuffer tradition). Each year my Mom would pack our stockings full of individually wrapped “necessities”. These were things like gum, body spray, toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant, tape, lotion, razors, vitamins… I think you get it. Also wrapped was our holiday ornaments from Hallmark.

Many people buy small gifts as stuffers, but as we get older the smaller gifts become more expensive (iPods, jewelry…). I never expect something AWESOME in my stocking, but sometimes my Mom slips a much needed gift card in, and we all steal packs of gum off the coffee table as fast as they are opened. Besides keeping our stockings less expensive than buying “wants” (for needs), they are also kept useful because they aren’t filled with small toys or tschotskes that won’t be used or cared for. We always get the items we use, whether it is a specific makeup or the scent of Axe that the guys use.

Not only are our stockings personalized to us, our ornaments are as well. Each year we get a new one, my Dad always got the Frosty Friends, my sister always gets Barbie, my brothers got Star Wars and me Puppy Love (I have the entire collection to date and that’s a fact I’m proud of). When Dave and I began dating, I started the same traditions, filling his stocking with little gifts and an ornament… his happens to be the guitar that is released each year. For Addie, I get her an empowering bauble for our tree. Last year I got her a Baby’s First, but also Merida (Brave). IMAG6278

The ornaments are always Hallmark- because I have an obsession with the store- and they are always chosen with so much care and concern that I have spent a whole afternoon comparing them all and then still being undecided. I also spent the days following Christmas last year tracking down the one Star Wars ornament my mom couldn’t get for my brother in the store.

So… did I make my goal of less than $50 for stocking stuffers? I did, indeed! With one trip to Walmart, I perused the aisles until I found all the goodies I would need to stuff some joy into a sock!  Check it out:

For Dave I got:

Dave Stuffers

All of these awesome treats came in at $18.06 and is sure to fill his stocking to the brim!


For my Mom I went with what my Dad used to do when we were kids: lipstick and matching nail polish. I added in some eye make up and didn’t buy a powder… because I’m flirting with new traditions. HA! When we were kids we also got her a canvas calendar every year, but they are insanely hard to find nowadays! Moms stuffers

This loot came in at $11.16… still plenty to spoil sweet Addie with!


So what did I find for my Elmo-obsessed lady?

Addies StuffersThere it is! $14.97 of (almost) pure Elmo magic… and things we will need going into January (how I will pry these items from her hands upon opening? I haven’t thought of that yet).

IMAG6263So… for $47.18 (with tax), I came in under $50 and got everyone on my “stuffer” list products they will love and use. I call that a WIN!

… so are you reading and wondering what your lady might want this holiday season in her stocking? Check out these products!

IMAG6260And if you’re looking for a special ornament… check these out from Hallmark:

Addie’s Empowering Ornament of 2013!
Dave's Hallmark Ornament!

Dave’s Hallmark Ornament!

So… while you’re wondering what will go in your family’s stocking this year, think of this new tradition instead of the same old tschotskes that break before the new year, or something that will be broken in record time- think necessities, memories and lots of silly fights over gum (notice I didn’t buy it because I know I’ll leave with half my brothers’ stash!).

…and while you’re shopping, don’t forget to bring a helper:

She will search...

She will search…


and find the one you need to get!



Happy holiday planning!!!

This is not a sponsored post… just my personal holiday experience I want to share with you! Happy Holidays!


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  1. Susan Worth-LaManna says

    Other than the “spoiler-alert: that ‘should’ have been put on this, it absolutely rocks….I spent part of Sunday afternoon at CVS – armed with 25% off that-day coupon – and did the stockings, too! Glad to know I hit on the Chelley items with extreme accuracy! Kinda thought I was shopping for Addie-to-give to-Mommy, but I would MUCH rather have been shopping with Addie! Love the traditions!

    • martinkadelux says

      Sorry ma. Love you… thanks for pretending to be surprised when I blow all the Christmas gifts with blog posts :)

  2. Michele says

    I loved this!!!! Stockings were always my favorite part of Christmas, and still are!!! I love looking for little things to stuff Hunter and Zoe’s stockings with. The idea if getting an empowering ornament for Addie is one that I may “steal” from you for both H&Z xoxo

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