Filled with Thanks

Of course it’s the time of year to be filled with such amazing feelings, almost overwhelmingly, coming back to thanks.

With the help of so many, we made change… and I finally saw it in person. I don’t want to add links to anything specific, but do a search, and you’re bound to find something on Cains’ Pickles, Gedney Foods and the mom from Cranston – Chelley Martinka. That’s me. After the fanfare… and awful comments died down, I searched the shelves of our local Stop & Shop hoping that the new jars would be there, but I didn’t see them.

And then, Thursday afternoon, I did.


I couldn’t believe it. I called my Mom (shocking, she didn’t answer) and then was shaking with such happiness with this pickle jar in my hands- not just the pickles… the change- I was holding change- I quickly dialed my hubby’s cell. “WHAT?! Send me a pic!” He happily demanded. After that, I posted it on Facebook and SO many people celebrated with me (some friends even delivered me champagne and dinner!)… and posted an article that referred back to the initial topic almost a year ago.

It’s a nice piece, brief but descriptive, and as per the usual, there were some terrible comments. (And funny ones like this: “Hopefully, someday, mom will learn the difference between a noun and an adjective.” I do… and the wording of the jar used it as a noun.) And for some reason, I spent Thursday night poring over all of them again. I hate those comments… Why do I read them? I loathe using the word hate, and have banned it from the house. I think that it is so overused that kids literally believe they hate things like wearing socks with shoes, or green veggies or NPR. But hate is more than that. Hate is an anonymous being spewing words intended to maim a person’s spirit from behind the unknown origins of their IP address. Hate is distaste for something that drives you to do more. In this case… to advocate for more changes. I hate those comments. I will make change.

And that brings me here: Thank you for your support! I am proud of this fight. I am honored to know the many of you who see the concept of relabeling pickle jars as more than pickles. I am proud that there is one less thing that could make an entire community of people cringe (MY child included!) as they go about their daily lives. I may be over sensitive, but I dare another one of those self-righteous commenters to walk just a step in the shoes of a parent with a child who has dwarfism. We are fighting on the last battleground of disabilities it is OK to mock. That it’s OK to be afraid of. That it’s funny to harm, as long as it’s for a laugh or hey, you didn’t mean it.

I’m here to say, it’s not OK anymore.

Below is my video to Gedney Foods.
A collective thank you for change. Thank you for being proactive. Thank you.


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  1. Linda Goetchius says

    I have been following your story on Facebook and I love your sweet little girl! I just watched the thank you video and it was wonderful! You are making a difference in this world!

  2. eli says

    Chelley, I want to congratulate you! I am a lurker on your blog who happened upon one of the articles with the nasty comments, and have been reading your blog ever since. I really didn’t understand where all the vitriol came from!

    You are wonderful people and Addie is a beautiful little girl! Thank you for doing your part to make the world better.


  3. Susan Worth-LaManna says

    Thank you, Chelley! What a wonderful video for today, tomorrow, and always…Love you all so much,
    Mom and Daddy Al

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