Marvelous Monday, Indeed!

And so it’s come again- Monday!

This week I was thankful that great men still exist- like Dave (duh!), but also my step-dad and so many of my friends I am seeing mature, grow into themselves, find careers and families and learn that it’s OK to let go of the angst-y behavior we once all gravitated towards. But also, last weekend our 17 year old cat, Morgan, passed away. He was a great cat (if you want, you can read more HERE), and taught me a lot. As I had many dogs growing up, but no cats, Morgan taught me a lot of lessons only a cat could, and this week I wanted to share which ones I am most thankful for.

Me n Morgan

Important Life Lessons, as told by a cat:

* Ask for what you want and be persistent. (The worst that can happen is a “no”… and if at first you don’t succeed, try, try to climb on that person’s lap while they are eating dinner again. And again. And again.)
* Everyone needs snuggles. (Even the most independent of people want to be held every now and again.)
* All you really need to drink is water. (That cup of coffee you can’t live without? It’s all in your head.)
* Show others you care and appreciation for what they’ve done for you. (Maybe don’t drool or puuuur, but certainly say thank you!)
* Even the cutest of beings have smelly bums. (My translation: never act like your poop don’t stink.)
* Know when to say no (Morgan was known, in his younger days, for a fierce bicycle kick when he was done playing)

I actually hope there is a book by this title… if not, I have a post in the making about all of my cat’s wisdom. He was really smart.
I hope Morgan has offered you some wise words (meows) today :) May his sweet soul rest peacefully.

*  *  *

As for what else I might have learned this week??
I think it’s something we’ve discussed before: the amazing community we have surrounding us! Being a part of a family with no history of dwarfism left us to find new people to talk to, ask questions and extend our parenting knowledge. For the LPA and all of the groups we have surrounding us, we are so blessed! This week, I was reminded of that- as if I could ever forget- as I saw change and held it in my hands. Read more HERE!

This video (below) is a great thanks to Gedney Foods for removing an outdated word from their label, but also to all of the people who supported, encouraged and helped me. Not everyone agrees with my goal (even in my own community) and many feel like I chose a battle not worth fighting, but the truth is, I made a small video to ask for change and it took me all of 45 minutes to make while Addie was asleep… and then it spread like wildfire! What I spent time on was the thank you. The celebration of a company seeing that it was more than pickles, or food, or an adjective (which was truly used as a noun)… it was changing the name of a product so that the word isn’t out there anymore. So that others may learn that this once benign word is now archaic and not in common vernacular except (mostly) as slang. This wasn’t for naught- this was for the future.

At least that is how I felt, and still do.

Though not all feel that way- some LP some AH. Some having no experience with dwarfism or relation to the community. Whatever the emotion, I want this video to be more than a thank you to one company, but a thank you to countless others who are making changes- from labels to team names, to employee equality, accessibility in schools and more opportunities in the workplace.

Thank you.

*  *  *

And a random?

I feel like I have been so regimented this week that my random brain isn’t working, but I have been thinking a lot about what we let go in life and those people we still feel close to even when they’re not around. Maybe friends who you can pick up with even after years away (my friend Ali and I are like that!). Or those you only see on holidays and you have your rituals (Kelli, you KNOW this is you). Friends that you grab breakfast with whenever you’re home (PD) or those you meet for weekly gabfests and share your deepest darkest with on the daily. Friends are so important and I want to give a farewell to an old friend who is moving from the east coast to the west coast before the New Year. Though situations may have pushed us apart, he’s still one of my favorite dudes and watching his career progress and art flourish has brought me great inner-peace. I wish him all the best- and hope this move brings him more happyawesomeepic memories! Good luck WW, Jr.!!!!

Happy Monday, Reader! If you don’t catch me ’til next week, Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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    • martinkadelux says

      So true- I’m so blessed to have the lessons of Morgan. I really think pets teach us so much about being human.

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