Christmas List Ideas For the Littlest of LP


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10 Responses to Christmas List Ideas For the Littlest of LP

  1. All great ideas! My kids have an O Ball and still ply with it outside. They are 5 and 8!
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  2. Katie

    Love these gifts! All great ideas and what a little cutie!!

  3. What I love about your list is that all of these toys require the child to be ACTIVE and move in some way. None of them are passive toys that a baby just sits and stares at (a bit of a pet peeve of mine). Even a mirror is active – what child doesn’t react to the image she sees? :D Great list!
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  4. Naomi

    Hi Chelley, First, let me say that I love your blog. Our granddaughter Grace was born last December and has achondroplasia. We live in Delaware County, PA and feel so fortunate to be so close to duPont – especially when we read about you having to travel so far. I’ve been looking for the baby barbell rattles you suggest and it seems impossible to purchase them. None of the links pan out. Do you have a suggestion? Thank you for any help you can offer. And Oh yes, Addie is gorgeous!

    • martinkadelux

      Hey Naomi,
      I’m from Philly (and miss it so much!).
      Thank you for reading :-) The rattles pictured were actually from Babies R Us. I think they can probably be found at Target, too. Did the link I post not carry them anymore? I’m sorry about that!

  5. Naomi

    Hi again Chelley, Just received the barbell rattles today. They’re so cute and I know Gracie will love them. Her Dad used to be a power lifter, so they are perfect. Thanks again for sharing!

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