Five Things I want my Techie-Toddler to Know:


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  1. Such great advice!
    Nicole@runningwhilemommy recently posted…12 Days of SkirtmasMy Profile

  2. Good advice!! It’s scary for me to think of how different things will be when the girls are older….and how much I wont know!! Yikes!
    Sarah recently posted…A FROZEN Holiday! #FROZENfun at Walmart!My Profile

  3. Shell

    Good advice! Crazy how different things are for kids! :/

  4. Krysten

    Great advice.
    Do you remember this?
    It’s funny, I work with teens and we do a lot on cyber safety and taking responsibility for your digital footprint and yet, they’re teens. They rebel. They know better than us how it all works. Of course. They do it all anyway. I think it will take a while for stories to arise of people losing/not getting jobs because of social media before the reality sinks in. Sadly, though they are a driving force behind it, the administration of my school does not always comprehend how it works. Last year, when an unsavoury clip that had easily spotted reference to our school was uploaded by a student, the person who had to deal with it actually said, “It’s okay. I have made the student remove it from the web.” HELLOOOOO!!!! We constantly tell students that once it’s out there, you can’t take it back. You have given over ownership.
    Yep. It’s going to take a while for it all to sink in.

    Merry Christmas, Chelley and Co!

    • martinkadelux

      Totally never saw that contract before… however, it’s on total lockdown here. I will be utilizing that bad boy, for sure!!!! Thank you for sharing it with me!!!

      Happiest of holidays to you!! <3

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