Born of Sound Preserves Daddy’s Girl for Years to Come

Professional disclosure: I received a sound-form in order to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

When she says, “I love you, Dada,” as he walks out the door, I can see the lines in his face wrinkle into the widest smile a man could have. Every morning, the same events occur, and yet he never tires of them.

How could I preserve these days for him? And more pressing… What will I get him for Christmas?

After checking out Born of Sound, a young company on the West Coast, my answer was on the screen before me: A sound-form.

Born of Sound #shop #soundform A is For Adelaide

From the Born of Sound website (click to enlarge)

My very visual and musical husband would want for nothing else, than to see his baby girl’s love for him splashed across canvas- preserved in a timeless piece that would remind him on hard days and hold him captive on the best. A sound form is, as described on the website, the physical embodiment of your sound. A sound-form makes the audible, visible. The organic movement of sound, from your child’s first cry to the sweet purr of a classic car, is visually captured and yours to keep- or give.

For me, it was not even a question: I needed this for Dave. I was nervous about making such a gift, as I have NO experience with sound or recording myself, but the process was incredibly simple- and Jenelle, the best contact in the world, cleaned up my incredibly static and click-filled recording in less than 20 minutes! Check it out:

Born of Sound #shop #Soundform #memories Step-by-Step

click to see more!

And just like that, this message will appear!

Born of Sound #shop #soundform #thankyou A is for AdelaideHere is what was recorded for our sound-form (you might have to amp up your volume):

I received my confirmation email quickly, and then the coolest part thus far, the proof!!! I chose bronze on black, because I thought it was very striking. Dave (and Addie) love orange, and the bronze is beautiful- popping out with passion from the black canvas:

 Born of Sound #proof #shop #soundform A is For Adelaide

Dave has his masterpiece hanging in his office (done so with the white gloves that are sent with each unique piece!)… I love that our sound-form represents our family, Dave’s transition into fatherhood and all the things that are yet to come in our lives:

#bornofsound #shop #aisforadelaide Finished Product Sound Form

This incredibly touching gift has a benefit to you, too: Born of Sound would like to offer a special discount for you, Reader! You’ll get  25% off your canvas sound-form order from now until February 1st! What a wonderful, unique gift of love and craftsmanship, with plenty of time to order for your special Valentine! Not sure about your sound, yet? Grab yourself or someone you love a gift certificate to make their masterpiece when they’re (or you’re) ready! Contact Jenelle directly, by phone at 925-899-0120 or by e-mail, and mention that you heard about them from “A is For Adelaide” for the discount code!

Born of Sound #mission #shop #soundform A is For Adelaide

Please share your finished sound forms with me when they’re done. I can only imagine the creativity you will all have! If you want to know more about Born of Sound, check them out on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr.



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7 Responses to Born of Sound Preserves Daddy’s Girl for Years to Come

  1. This is the coolest thing ever! I never heard about it but now I want to do it!!

  2. What a beautiful, unique, straight from the heart gift! Anyone who receives this would surely treasure it always – especially a father from his special girl.
    Kirsten recently posted…Dolls Are a Girl’s Best FriendMy Profile

  3. joy

    What a unique idea! I may have to snag this for fathers day!

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