The New Year’s Resolutions List… as told by a toddler

Mom and I have been having serious conversations about life recently. I’ve learned that picking my nose isn’t funny, even though everyone laughs- I don’t get it… so I keep doing it. I also learned I can say “no”. And YES, I like to say NO often! With all this in mind, here are my resolutions:

#aisforadelaide #happynewyear #2014 Let your star shine!

1. Stop eating food off the floor. Sure I will… just like I’ll stop putting the dog’s paw in my mouth or everything else in plain sight. (This is like mom saying she won’t eat the batter when she’s making cake… never. gonna. happen.)

2. I’m working on not telling everyone in public that my mama does peepee. But who is she to hide such truths? My diaper swells ten-fold when I pee, you don’t see me embarrassed!

3. I hope to enjoy more veggies and ease up on the fruit intake… for all our sakes.

4. I resolve to add an ‘r’ to “shirt”. No really, I’m working on it. Mom says she is, too.

5. I’m going to continue to be a genius. I’m slowly proving that the true struggle in life is trying to outwit a toddler.

6. Attempt to say “hi” to stranger prior to launching myself at them in a quest for a kiss.

7. Remember that my feet are not often at the same pace as my desires.

8. Stay happy. Stay innocent.

9. Continue to teach my parents how to enjoy the minor details and leave the big stuff to work itself out.

10. Stay true to me.

What are your resolutions for 2014?

Happy NYE!


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  1. Janeen Longfellow says

    Good job on your resolutions, Adelaide! We could all take a lesson from this! I know I’ll be working on #1,3,4,7 and 8. Have a great year, Martinka family!! Maybe we can meet up in San Diego at the LPA Conference?

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