Some Thanks are in Order!

So really, my WordPress Stats come in and I am shocked. There is nothing more to say than:


Thank you for finding me, no matter how you came…

How did they find you #aisforadelaide #2013stats


Thank you for reading, following, sharing, tweeting, retweeting, commenting and posting time and time again. For all the likes and conversation starters. For the kind words and feisty remarks. While there were 211 posts after I took over my own webpage, there were 58 before that in 2013! That’s right, I blogged 269 times last year! For all of you who work out of the home- that means I worked 53.8 weeks of full time work- 5 days a week, no holidays.

My Numbers #aisforadelaide #2013stats

Thank you for showing me so much support and love:

 My Top Commenters #aisforadelaide #2013stats

Sharon, Shell, Melissa, Mary and Kristin. Thank you for all of your love and support this year! Here’s to 2014!!!!


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10 Responses to Some Thanks are in Order!

  1. Awesome Chelley! I bet 2014 tops 2013 for you–your’re on a roll :-)
    Melissa Hillas recently posted…Ringing in the New Year at Cloud 9 and Casa Tua in Aspen!My Profile

  2. I guess this proves how wonderful you are, how incredibly talented you are as a Mom, advocate, writer, woman, person… and how much I love you! xo! Congrats. Blessings. Go get ‘em in 2014!
    Sharon – recently posted…My Life Layers with Olay #Olay #Olay USMy Profile

  3. It’s definitely been a great blogging year for you!!
    I have to thank YOU because you were my #1 commenter!! THANK YOU!
    Sarah recently posted…Why We’re Not Trying for Baby #2…..Yet.My Profile

  4. Wow I love how you were able to see all of this – I have no idea how to even find that information :)
    You are a power-writer, seriously! I’m always in awe of the quantity AND quality of posts you write. We are so lucky to have you in our blogging-family!
    Mary Larsen recently posted…Baby’s First Sled Ride {video}My Profile

  5. Oh yah! I am on your list! I will always comment bc I LOVE your blog!! You are so true to who you are!

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