Marvelous Monday

This week I am bursting at the seams!!!! I am so thankful for the safe and healthy arrival of my newest nephew, Ethan James and want to wish big brother, Mark, my sister Jess and brother-in-law, Greg a big…


There have been no pictures released, but I assure you, he’s as handsome a prince as his big brother…

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*  *  *

As I search dwarfism at least once a week, I remembered a site I came across before and loved because of how simple the information is and how beautifully it is presented. THIS site from photographer Gary Parker shows a multitude of different types of dwarfism in pictures, with some descriptions. I encourage you to scroll through the pictures and learn more about dwarfism.

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These pictures will truly amaze you because they show how dwarfism is simply a blanket diagnosis and certainly not an indicator of anything except height. Some LP will never break 30 inches, some people with dwarfism are almost 5 feet! What a difference! It’s truly eye-opening and a different view, literally, of information than I could ever show you in written word. I hope that you really take a look at a view of your fellow (hu)man that you probably didn’t know existed!

*  *  *

And random? Well, not random to us, but so thankful to have health insurance for all 3 Martinkas! While I DO NOT want to spark a political debate (and will NOT entertain one), we are incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to finally be able to afford healthcare after having none.

And that is that. It’s not as exciting as some Mondays, but I truly hope that you take some time, explore the unknown and love all the people in your life- especially the newest members! Happy Monday, Reader!


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  1. says

    We have insurance for only this month then we have to find a way to afford Cobra, so I feel you there! And it is so great to see how researching can open peoples eyes and realize that each and everyone is unique. A diagnosis for someone is not the same diagnosis for another even if its the same word- Each body grows differently and at its own pace. Landon may have SPD- but he is unique and his SPD is individual to him! Thanks for posting!
    Joy recently posted…What did you say to me?My Profile

  2. says

    It’s amazing the range that exists in the same diagnosis. Thank you for sharing and educating us all to a world we don’t know without your direction.

    And, it’s not at all insignificant to be able to boast insurance for all 3 Martinkas! Congrats!
    Kirsten recently posted…It’s Tea Time!My Profile

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