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It’s Monday again, and it’s back to being a loner for a few days. Somehow February, the shortest month, will also be the month we see Dave the least in a long time! He’s off on a business trip in Pennsylvania this week and Vegas in two weeks. Although I am not looking forward to going it alone for that time, I am totally excited for girls’ time!!! With all the non-night waiting we will be doing, Addie and I can have dinner earlier every night- and yes- there will be dinner in bed more than once… because I want to watch The Little Mermaid in bed with her as a treat! I am planning some other fun things, like making a cake together (she LOVES to whisk), lots of painting and a movie night. Who else has ideas about what we could do? I’m open to suggestions!

But really, let’s get this party started with what I’m thankful for this week.
Dave, of course! Recently we have made the decision to move closer to his work, which means selling the house. On top of all the other things we have going on, a rough first year of medical bills with Addie accruing a lifetime of debt, and the desire to move to Mexico and live in a shack, Dave drags himself 50+ miles from home each morning, to be away from us for about 12 hours, then come home (usually) to a madhouse of me needing a moment to pee. Alone. Or dinner not quite ready, or so ready it’s now cold, the dog needing to go out, or at least be fed, Addie wanting to be picked up, or put down, or both, toys spread from one end of the living room to the other, and a stack of newly opened bills with the dates and minimums printed on them by yours truly.

But he smiles, says “give me one of these before I deal with that,” and plants a kiss on my lips while picking up Addie, taking off his boots and closing the half-opened refrigerator door simultaneously.

I have launched into Dave a lot, especially under the stress of 2013, but I am learning that we are a team. Neither one of us spends an extra dime. We don’t treat ourselves or feel like we are in need. We want for nothing. We have heat, a home, lots of movies, and enough food to eat. As we embark on this next year, which hopefully includes a move, we also look to each other for more support and more teamwork. Knowing that we are both doing our best and beyond- support and encouragement will only bring more success. I hope to write more and bring you more, Reader, while Dave hopes to further advance his career and give us a bit more comfort, if you will, as a family.

Sometimes I think $10,000 would solve our problems. Then I think… we have each other. We don’t have problems.

Thank you, Dave, for making us the team we are.

#aisforadelaide #martinkadelux

*  *  *

And for some *shock* controversy in the dwarfism community, I bring you The Wolf of Wall Street. No. I haven’t seen it. No. I won’t pay to see it. While I think Scorsese is a genius, I think he bombed this movie because we all know that cocaine and womanizing and ponzi schemes are wrong. But is throwing a human wrong?

The answer, which I hope is obvious, is yes. It is wrong. Regardless of a person being paid or not. It’s wrong. I have so many thoughts on why this movie makes me sad. Why, with a team of incredibly well educated, passionate and driven people, I worked for months on petitioning the writers, actors, producers and the like to cut the scene- which obviously didn’t work beyond getting the scene cut from previews. Why people won’t see that this isn’t funny, because the point of the film seemed to be to show some jerk and how jerky he was while being completely oblivious to his actions. Why though historically accurate to his actions the way this scene was initially shown to garner attention was horrifying.

This isn’t a debate as to whether the movie is good or bad. I care not. This is about whether the portrayal of this scene is necessary, or better yet, if it is safe to show people without giving them the ramifications of their actions. Beyond the embarrassment of another human. Injury, paralysis, death. I have a lot to say, but I have a friend who said it so well that I wanted to share his words.

So, when someone says something like this: “I really don’t see why people are upset with the movie.”Think of this:

It’s amazing how every time I discuss this, I have to bring up racism to explain how it relates. The N word has a sting to it, so much so that it’s referred to as the N word. When I say midget or hear it, it has a sting as well. But of course many won’t understand why I’m saying M-word, or will laugh it off because they are ignorant to what is in that word. The dehumanizing factor of it. How it deems a human being a prop, or a novelty that is beneath the standards of a human being. Many don’t see the big deal of this movie because they don’t feel that sting. They don’t see a minority being thrown as a dart and think, that is inherently wrong. I won’t go see this movie, not just because of that scene, but because I may fear for myself and my wife after the credits roll and we all leave. I can imagine the sounds of people laughing during that scene, laughing in utter ignorance. I can’t imagine the same crowd laughing when a slave is whipped on screen, or a Jew is forced out of his home. I can’t imagine them laughing if an actor were to say “fa**ots” aren’t people. But I can imagine the roar of the crowd when an individual with dwarfism is tossed and used as a toy. We are one of the few remaining minorities that it’s ok to humiliate for the sake of humiliation. That is why I won’t see this movie.

While I understand the shock-and-awe intended by the film, THIS piece says a lot. While I have a lot to say about the action, I have more to say about calling a human “it”.

Let that sink in.

Someone calling your child it. Because they’re a brunette? Because they have blue eyes? Because they have two feet? Because they are short?

This is why I will continue to advocate.
This is why I will not pay Scorsese, DiCaprio or anyone else.
I will create a more respectful world for my child and thousands of other children, too.
Dwarfism is not a disease.
Dwarfism is not a crime.
Cure your hearts. Open your minds.

*  *  *

And some random for your week? I know I spoke about this before HERE and here I am again. I want to let you know that I will have my Revelation 365 giveaway starting tomorrow. Want to know more? Check the link above and don’t forget to come back! Win this for yourself, for your girl friend, for your mother. Win this to change your life. To reveal you. Change your future.

Happy Monday, Reader!

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  1. Shell says

    It sounds like aside from an awesome mom, you are an awesome wife & have a great hubby! Your family is solid! So refreshing!

  2. says

    I know the feeling of being a loner! My hubby travels so much- but without him we wouldn’t have our (tiny) home, heat and food! And I will not see that movie either- I just don’t feel I will gain anything from it- and after I heard about the language, and the horrible acts portrayed- I am glad I stuck to my guns! You’re and inspiration! Keep advocating for your daughter! If you don’t- who will! Xo

  3. sara marsh says

    Come on over and we’ll house hunt or watch House Hunters together and mock those fools. Or make fun of ourselves…

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