Happy 6 Years

It all started with a drink. Just one drink, 11 years ago, served to me by a dude with sideburns so long they almost touched under his chin.

Amish Dave they called him.

Then we ran into each other again, about 6 1/2 years ago.

(taking steps backward)

We saw each other New Year’s Eve 2008. It was awkward. We both kissed other people. But we kept bumping into each other. We went on a weekday brunch date. He let me pay for myself. He didn’t drink coffee or eat meat. I wasn’t impressed, but I offered to drive him to work… 2 blocks away. We hugged… like teenagers and grandparents in a mall. He declined a ride and walked.

And yet he called.

We met for drinks. I bought him a lot of whiskey and then let him bike home. I showed up 15 minutes later with a guitar cake pan, Sin City comic book and percolator. We kissed. It was all over.#aisforadelaide 6 Years with Dave

And here we are. 6 years later. He eats meat and drinks too much coffee. I don’t even pay for the gas in my car, but he smiles when I offer. We hug like long lost lovers. I would recognize his face even if I lost my sight. Thank the heavens for whiskey, bikes, comic books, cheap cake pans, and coffee.


Happy 6 years, Dave.

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