She’s Genetically Modified Already

When it comes down to it, we spend very little. Almost insanely little each month… but what we do spend, is spent well. Like healthy food for instance.

Addie is genetically modified. She’s the perfect creation from a spontaneous genetic mutation of the FGFR3 gene, resulting in achondroplasia. What she’s not made for, what no child is made for, are the GMOs, pesticides that kill insects from the inside out and the chemicals made to produce expedited growth and thus the demise of thousands (millions?) of animals each year.

Though we could choose cable, or newer cars, faster internet, fancier phones, better clothes and perhaps a vacation, we choose daily living. We choose everyday to be a beautiful bridge to the next, and hold to our beliefs that food is fuel, and though should be enjoyed (of course!) should also be practical; limiting snacks and dairy and eliminating as much added sugars and dyes as possible.

But, I’m not here to give you a lecture… in fact, I just wanted to share a list with you! Many people know what the “Dirty Dozen” are, but very few are aware of the “Clean 15”. While I love shopping organic, we just can’t afford everything to be that way (wouldn’t that be ideal, though?). So, here are the Clean 15 (remember that farming standards change every year, so be sure to check your local area and check the web for yearly updated information):

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We are excited for the summer farmers’ markets, fruit stands and farm picking, but also do our due diligence, looking for organic standards and asking questions- not all things sold in pretty, recyclable packaging is organic… and the word natural means NOTHING. Literally, nothing. Berries are natural whether they are sprayed with chemicals or not. Be aware. Make the best decisions you can… and save some money when you can, too! I hope knowing that there is a clean list is just as helpful as the dirty list- I know having some peace of mind while shopping always means a lot to me.

Lots of love and health to you and your family in these last few months of winter,

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    I love your mindset Chelley. Food is fuel and we really need to look at what we are putting in our bodies. I only wish I had started this sooner when my oldest was Addie’s age. My kids are getting better at trying new foods like mangos, but we still have our battles. My son said the other day, “How can they let people put all that bad stuff in food!?” Good question dear boy.
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