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Well hello, Reader! I hope your week is starting out great! We are still in the midst of digging out and salting and the sort, but we are together… and for that I am thankful!

So many times airlines are butchered in social media, but this week I want to say how thankful I am for US Airways and their amazing team! Last week Dave went on a business trip to Vegas for the DSE (Digital Signage Expo- riveting, right?), and just as he was packing I read we were looking at a storm. I was already feeling broken about him being gone for the week, but we made it all the way to Friday without too much incident. And then snow… I check flight #658 over and over and over, and each time the minutes to boarding crept further away.

Four and a half hours after it’s original departure time, he was on the plane… only by that time, his connecting flight in RI was departing North Carolina.

Ummmm… bad news bears.

More bad news? His current flight wasn’t due to arrive in NC until about 30 minutes after the last flight out was departing.

Instead of letting this deter him, Dave gave up on seeing his suitcase and prepped himself to sprint to the next gate in hopes that he would make it. The whole flight he was worried he would not see us and the snow would leave him stranded for part of the weekend in an airport.

So, he ran.

The last flight was, miraculously, delayed from 10:09 to 10:25, but hadn’t taken off yet. Deboarding at 10:24, he ran from gate B9 to C8, and saw the line of people ready to board. When he got to the ticket checker, he explained what happened from the delayed flight to his wife and daughter at home anxiously waiting for his arrival before the snow hit home again. With a, “let me see what I can do,” the man punched in some numbers to the computer and ripped off the old baggage claim ticket, and said, “have a good flight.” They briefly talked about how likely it was that his luggage would be stuck until the next day, but undeterred, he boarded and settled in for the 2+ hour flight.

Upon landing, Dave gave it a whirl at the luggage carousel. And there it was. His bag made it to Providence on the last flight out, on a flight Dave didn’t book until he got to the gate to the plane he was never meant to be on. US Airways went out of their way to get him home… and his luggage, too.

Sure luggage is no big deal. Dave packed knowing his flights would be delayed with lots of ID tags and any essentials in his carry-on, but the hustle and bustle luggage retrieval can take is just another hindrance we didn’t need this weekend. And we didn’t have to deal with! SO… THANK YOU US AIRWAYS!!!!!

*  *  *

As I’ve mentioned before, Becky Curran is a huge inspiration to me to continue to advocate for Addie and the dwarfism community. As a peer, she is strong, intelligent and just a great friend, so reading her recent post about being publicly approached in fear by a stranger in Boston (on a night out with friends) was alarming. What made me smile? Her attitude. She was not shamed, embarrassed or even upset. Becky just took that as an indicator that she needs to continue speaking and educating. How lucky am I to be friends with her? Very! Check out her website and book her to speak at your school or business today.

#aisforadelaide #beckycurran #inspire

*  *  *

And some random for your day? Table salt! I don’t know about you, but we are running low on salt here in New England. Because I want to keep our driveway and walkways well salted, I’ve invested in a few boxes of salt! From our local grocery store, it’s about 49¢ a piece, and does the trick in small spots, like on the steps in front of your house. While it’s not an ideal solution, it certainly can help reduce the slick surfaces while you (if you’re like me) run from store-to-store in a search for anything to melt the sidewalks/driveway/walkway that we all someday hope to see again.


Have a beautiful week, Reader! may you stay warm and dry!

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