Never Forget Just This…

Dearest Adelaide,

Recently I posted a status on Facebook:

Chelley Martinka
Meant to post this… made me giggle:
I went to the Hallmark store with Addie today. I LOVE Hallmark- lots of the employees know us because we turn on all the things that can be turned on while we’re there and we rarely buy anything but one or two cards.
While there, two women whispered (although not well) that “she’s just too little to be walking… What in the world?”
Realizing Addie was in view, I smiled at them and was answered with two scowls. “She’s mighty, isn’t she?” I said.
Still nothing.
“Hi people,” squeaks out of A is for Adelaide’s mouth and then, as if a miracle occurred, huge smiles and laughter. You’re never too small to make someone smile.

There were so many likes and comments. A few people emailed me.

They wanted me to know that you bring a smile to their face. Your pictures, your videos, the stories we share. You make people so happy.

I never want you to forget that you are the source of so much love and light. You are a reason people are learning, loving and advocating. You are why so many good things will come to fruition in your lifetime. Because of you.

#aisforadelaide #smile #mywholeworld

I love you, sweet girl. And so do hundreds of others. Never forget just that.



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