Marvelous Monday

I’ve reflected time and time again about how beautiful the weeks are as they pass. Even when they really aren’t anything most would write home about- they are what make the big things seem SO spectacular. The mornings you get 5 extra minutes of sleep, a sip of hot coffee and some of the sweetest unintelligible love babble spoken from the lips of a small human you created. Those are just weekend mornings… but they are so much more when they’re too old to climb into bed with you. Too cool. Too grown up. Too on with their own lives.

What a beautiful opportunity we have as parents- no matter how we got here- to raise these people, shape their minds and change our whole perspective on the world with just the blink of two small eyes and the squeeze of one small hand firmly wrapped around our finger. Our children change the whole game of life.

Because of becoming a parent. Because I’m a parent to a child with dwarfism. Because I am a parent to a child with dwarfism who started a blog.

People come to me.
They ask questions.
They seek answers.

But, most of all, they want to hear the words so many doctors just won’t tell them: it’s going to be OK.

A young woman named Hannah, is such a parent. She asked me lots of questions on Facebook, through email and messenger, and then I gave her my personal number. We texted about achondroplasia, her son Jude, due in April, doctors, and being parents- before anything, we are just your average parents wanting the best for our babes. We talked about her upcoming shower and how excited she was.

Then an email. An emergency. A request for prayer.
At just 32 weeks, Jude was in distress and the doctors were making calls that scared Hannah and her husband Sullivan. An emergency c-section? So early?

We prayed.
Every night.
Sometimes it was to God, other times to my Dad to ask for his protection and sometimes just letting out tears to the Universe to be fair.

And then days passed, and his heartbeat was strong.

Brave Little Warrior

As Hannah passes 33 weeks, she begs her body for more time. To hold her sweet warrior, Jude, safely inside her and help him develop stronger each day. And we, The Martinka Family, are pulling right along with her.

This week, Reader, I ask you to send your love, messages and prayers to the Peters Family. You can read more on Hannah’s blog HERE, or join their Facebook page HERE to get updates.

Thank you for sharing all your Marvelous Monday with me. Have a beautiful week!

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