Marvelous Monday

What a wonderful weekend- jammed packed with all I am thankful for and all things dwarfism! I have mentioned LPA about a million times, and all the support they offer to the LP community, but there is so much more than that.

There are lifelong memories made by friends who see each other a few times a year. Parents who lament all the silly things that we get that no one else truly does. Not life-altering stuff, but finding shoes that fit, are cool and also comfy. Why moving a faucet can make life easier for your child. How to hem jeans. It’s the same old parenting things we all think about, but rarely do we encounter so many seemingly minuscule things over and over and over.

The best part? When Addie gets into a large group of kids, there are no worries because this community is watching over her- everyone.

This mama may be suffering from serious pregnancy hormones, but when Jackie and Avery (two fabulous young ladies) took Addie’s hands and walked her to their dance circle complete with other girls, and encouraged her to dance, laughed with her and never let her out of their sight, I walked away, took my seat, gripped a cup of ice water and swallowed my tears. My face was hot. My body felt cold.

#aisforadelaide #firstdance #lparegional #2014

My daughter already has an amazing life.

I watched what her Spring and Fall would bring each year, as our District regionals pass by. I saw middle school dances and girlie laughter about things that us parents would just never understand. As I sipped my water, surrounded by women I’ve grown to love in our brief, but powerful 21 months as LPA members, we laughed at my verge of crying.

#aisforadelaide #ladiesnight #LPAspringregional2014

I have an amazing life.

These moments are not forever. We have our struggles. We have some of the happiest moments of our lives without the LPA, or anything related to dwarfism. Being little, or big, or average does not define us. Having such fabulous friends, regardless of distance, giving my child the opportunity to live her life and being guided by those around me. That defines me. There is nothing like knowing that your life changes shape when you let go of the reigns and just live.

With $100 in our pocket and a cooler full of fruit, bread, peanut butter and tuna, we went to Cape Cod. It was our first regional with our LPA district. We got to ask questions. We got to answer a few. I shared a conversation with men and women. Some were my height, some were not. But the conversations were the same. Our kids were being crazy, they all needed to sleep, we all enjoyed the sunset at the banquet, our clothes seemed to be getting tighter as the New England winter ceases to end. I joked with my ladies about this and that. We all ragged on each other, shared hugs, high-fived the  kids.

Being members of the LPA has allowed us to NOT define our family by dwarfism, but to learn in a safe, well educated environment for ourselves, our daughter (and future baby!) and those who will learn from us. To balance our lives between doctors and normalcy, because at the end of each day, I am doing the same as any parent… reading 102 books before bed, watching my child guzzle more water than they consumed the entire day and praying they don’t spring a leak in the night, kissing her cheeks and watching the monitor (sure, I’m also listening for snores and leg movements, but that’s neither here nor there). Addie? She’s just like your child. And me? I’m just like you. Tired, stressed and loving every minute of this crazy, fast-paced thing they call Parenting.

#aisforadelaide #swimming #capecop #seacresthotel #lpaspringregional2014

And my random  of the week? If you missed it before, don’t forget to check out this awesome video below <3 <3 <3 (Yes… I’m a bit excited to share after holding it in for 13 weeks!!!!!)

Happy Monday, Reader!!!


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19 Responses to Marvelous Monday

  1. Congratulations!!!!! What wonderful news! This video is amazing. What a great keepsake. :)
    Courtney Buteau recently posted…DIY: Turn old crayons into fun-shaped new onesMy Profile

  2. Joy

    SOunds like a great weekend! My husband is from the Cape and we have a house there (well his parents do!) I am glad you all had a blast! I enjoyed looking at all your pictures! The one with Addie in the hat is just to die for! Sassy!
    Joy recently posted…Make it Monday- DIY Collage FrameMy Profile

  3. I loved all the photos you posted online of your trip!!! What an incredible experience and opportunity for all of you. That photo with Addie above is just priceless … and precious.
    Jessica @ Keeping Mommy Sane recently posted…A Huggies Pull-Ups® Potty Training UpdateMy Profile

  4. I’m thrilled that the three of you able to go to Cape Cod and meet with such an amazing group of people. Addie’s heart will grow leaps and bounds thanks to everything you are doing to make her life so fulfilling.

  5. I loved seeing your pictures from last weekend, such fun! Also, huge congrats again on baby #2 news!!! Addie’s going to be a fabulous big sister!
    Joanna recently posted…The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: CrossFit Games Open 14.4My Profile

  6. Oh my gosh, yay!!! So excited for you guys. Wonderful news!
    Nicole@runningwhilemommy recently posted…Shamrocks and SpartansMy Profile

  7. Addie looks so happy. I’m glad you had a great weekend. I absolutely loved the video and how you told Dave. Congratulations!!
    Heather @ Kraus House Mom recently posted…Just a Typical MorningMy Profile

  8. Sounds like a FABULOUS weekend! Love your little fashionista and congrats on #2! :-)
    Melissa Hillas recently posted…Goa Magic ~ The Every Body BikiniMy Profile

  9. That picture of the girls dancing might be one of my favorite pictures of yours – ever. I can almost hear their giggles through it :)
    Mary Larsen recently posted…Dealing With Allergy Issues When You Are Breastfeeding #WellAtWalgreens #shopMy Profile

  10. John Young

    LPA is a better place because of you, Dave and Addie. So glad to be sharing this journey with all of you.

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