It’s such a simple word.

noun: mother; plural noun: mothers
  1. a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth

verb: mother; 3rd person present: mothers; past tense: mothered; past participle: mothered; gerund or present participle: mothering; noun: mothering

  1. bring up (a child) with care and affection.
    “the art of mothering”

This is how a book of words, all the words we recognize in the English language, defines the most important woman in my life.

So how would I describe my mother in less than 1,00 words?

She’s a rock when the whole world is on a roll. She’s the person that took responsibility over the lives of 4 other humans when her partner in crime, my father, passed away. She is what a pillar of strength hopes to embody to define itself. She is power. Beauty. Courage.

But she never had to try to be these things. That’s the most amazing part. Life never happened to her. She happened to life.

I grew up hearing: no one makes you feel a certain way.

Which is why I do not choose the love I have for her. It’s just there. It’s all in my heart and soul. It spills out as I bounce questions off her, call for advice or press the right buttons so Addie can hear her Mima’s voice.

I cannot help but love where my heartbeat first originated. I love you, Mom.

Happy birthday.


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