Block out the natural way with Block Island Organics

Oh my goodness… Spring really showed up this week! Hooray!

For us that meant a lot of time outside and an opportunity to review an organic sunscreen that isn’t just perfect for me (who is sweaty and pregnant), but for Addie as well- who has lots of skin rolls, sensitive skin and a need to have sunscreen on her scalp. Block Island Organics, is, as its name states, organic! As I’ve been on a roll making our home more healthy, this sunscreen seemed like the best choice for us (and is proving how valuable it really is!). As a small, family owned company making mineral-based sun care products, I’ve been waiting for these glorious days to come to give our Block Island SPF 15 a test run!

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With multiple levels of SPF, all non-toxic and offering UVA/UVB broad spectrum coverage to choose from, I slathered up and headed out to Newport to walk in the sun for a few hours while enjoying the beautiful water from the cliffs above. For myself, I mixed a bit of sunscreen in with my regular foundation- which also has an SPF- and brushed it on, as usual. The sunscreen is non-greasy and isn’t thick, so it was perfect to gently mix. I added extra to my ears (which always burn) and my eye lids (no dripping ALL day!), and my only qualm is that there was some white left on my skin… but it was only noticeable to me, so I’m not fretting!

#aisforadelaide #blockislandorganics #sunscreen #skincare

For Addie, I started with her in just a diaper so I could get all of her skin covered. Because the lotion isn’t spray, it was hard to get onto the scalp, but not impossible… after dabbing it on her part with my pinkie, I rubbed it into her hair- which somehow didn’t look greasy. I got the rest of her done and dressed without having to wait forever for the lotion to dry, and it didn’t leave any residue on her clothes.

After a 45 minute drive and an hour or so of walking, we headed back to the car to enjoy some lunch in the back of the Subie. When we were done, we drove around Newport enjoying the views of the houses we would never be invited to and Addie drifted to sleep. When she woke from her nap we again headed out… only I’d forgotten to reapply. Here’s the kicker: Block Island Organics is water resistant. Although I haven’t been in the water yet this year (it’s way too cold), we were sweating a lot, and yet neither one of us ended up with even a tan!

The slim bottle fits perfectly into a side pocket in my diaper bag, so I’m sure to always have it with me, even in the cold winter days when we often forget about the sun- thank goodness! And #1 BONUS: The expiration date is printed on the bottle- no more guessing if it’s still good… This mama is mighty pleased with that!

I know that we are all looking for the best products for our family members, and I can assure you this little Rhody gem won’t disappoint! Order your Block Island Organics sunscreen this week for a 20% discount at checkout until 5/15 (with the code: chelley). Happy sunny days!

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  1. Shell says

    I love supporting local companies, and we are serious sunblock users over here- so this is great! Love the name too :) (Speaking of BI- hoping to get there as it warms up! :))


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