Marvelous Monday

Wow… was this weekend gorgeous, or what!? I hope everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful weather up here in RI… and that it was just as beautiful in your neck of the woods (my fondest quote from the weather man when I was a kid!). Due to the magnificent weather, my spirits were incredibly high this weekend- regardless of the fact that Dave was away two weeks ago and then didn’t come home before 7:30 at all last week. So how do I celebrate this Monday? I spread my thankfulness for all the friends I have and all of their diversity. In the past I’ve been saddened by the fact that I don’t have a close group of girlfriends. A weekend away with 5 friends, a night out dancing, a family vacation with a big group. Never. Gonna. Happen. But what I do have is my own diverse group- a family that I’ve carefully let into my life- who bring me more joy than I knew could exist between friends.

Some of my friends have shared wine bottles, some baby bottles and pumping horrors, late nights on the phone and even a night jumping on trampolines. Some friends always answer back and some take weeks to respond to an email, but always know the right thing to say. Some friends I rarely see, but I know how close we hold each other in our hearts. And… when I totally lack confidence in myself or a friend is having one of those days, as friends, we all rally.

This weekend, a few such friends truly reminded me that though there is no group, no gaggle I wish I still belonged to, there are individuals who prove they’re stronger than a group. As a simple request for a plumbing tool turned into two moms waving- both with a knowing look. Our babes are sleeping. Pregnancy prevents me from moving in this heat. Thank you. And with a few exchanged texts, I could tell another friend just needed some time alone with her family. And another? We shared some of the most bellyfull laughs about intimate life that ordinarily would make one cringe… or cry. There was no gossip, or drama, or hurt in my weekend. The women I’ve found surrounding me are strong, warrior women with little to say in the way of negative- even when their own worlds are crashing down. With smiles that literally make my heart soar, fresh perspectives I choose to learn from, and the willingness to do for others because they can. How amazing is that? For those women. For all of my friends. I am incredibly thankful.

And speaking of friends… thank you to Lisa, owner and operator or Agroterra Photography & Birth for taking some lovely belly pics of me and Miss Camille this weekend!

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SO… I am very excited to announce that Understanding Dwarfism has released their new website! I am excited because there is a ton of new information from the whole community. It’s kind of amazing. I hope you check it out and take the time to share and educate more about dwarfism. Thank you for taking the time to learn more!

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And just some random for  your week… DON’T forget to pack your sunscreen! It is getting warmer (which means more skin) and the sun is shining through those clouds. Get yourself a good SPF (we love Block Island Organics) and reapply throughout the day!

Have a wonderful week!!


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    Cute little baby bump!! We had a relatively peaceful weekend. Oldest boy spent the weekend on a Boy Scout camp out. My husband and 2nd boy spend most of the weekend on a Cub Scout camp out. So the 3 littles and I made do with Tball, shopping, and lots of ice cream. In fact, I gave out ice cream for a Sunday mid-morning snack and was declared “THE BEST MOM EVER.” :)

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    It’s been interesting to see how the amount of close friends changes over time – but I’m happy that you have such awesome warriors surrounding you now :) Friendship is one of the most important facets of being a mom. Without my friends and my friends I’ve met through blogging, I wouldn’t be able to get through it.
    Mary Larsen recently posted…A Study In Pink: How Nail Polish Saved My Sanity: Creating Healthy Habits For Moms #HerHealth #shopMy Profile

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      I totally agree. I think that the shock of losing friends was harder than the adjustment period of becoming a new mother… it really was. Even friends who became parents at the same time… we just drifted away with Addie’s diagnosis and different parenting techniques. It breaks my heart to think about… so I truly just try to keep looking ahead.
      martinkadelux recently posted…Fresh Berry Scones… No cream?! No problem.My Profile

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