Wordless Wednesday… #preciousmoments #childhoodinnocence

In the moments you want to prove to your husband that you can start the grill and made a sweet bug-free zone… and  your two year old walks into the shot and begins an off-key rendition of Happy Birthday to da tree and you’re helpless. You’ve already pressed your screen and the moment is captured there to remember, but what’s really ingrained in the brain is the way her voice squeaks and the words todatree running together as she stares up at your tiki torch with this wonder and awe you’d forgotten ever existed. The moment you wanted to celebrate your awesome success, and your first born chooses to sing to the tree that hangs over from the neighbor’s property and drops leaves all over the yard and you just listen and stare and even, truly, join in singing to the (damn) tree.

Those are our most precious moments of childhood innocence- the reason we want to do this again and again.

Perhaps this Wednesday isn’t totally wordless, but it certainly is heartwarming.

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  1. Love this little surprise moment you captured! Her eyes are sparkling and she is obviously so filled with joy. And you kicked butt getting the grill going ;) Way to go mama!
    Mary Larsen recently posted…You’re Kid’s Most Important Life Lesson: Han Shot First {Guest Post}My Profile

  2. susan worth


  3. Becky Ware

    Beautiful and it gets even better when you are grandma! Just love the hugs my Viv hands out.
    Have a wonderful day :)

  4. Perfect picture!
    Nicole@runningwhilemommy recently posted…Run, Bike, BiaMy Profile

  5. What you’ve captured here is priceless. It really does say it all – happy moments = happy child = happy childhood. Go Mama!
    Jackie recently posted…Doll Heaven?My Profile

  6. Shell

    So adorable!!! These are my very favorite parts about kids, such sweetness!

  7. The look on her face is priceless!!! :-)
    Jessica Morrison (@rhodymomrunner) recently posted…Healthy Postpartum/Nursing SnacksMy Profile

  8. joy

    I love the look in her eyes. This would be a page in my scrapbook for sure!
    joy recently posted…Block Island Organics: Block out or BurnMy Profile

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