Dear Adelaide

Dear Adelaide,

You are such a shining star. It was such a blessing to watch you this weekend (as it always is).

People love to give you compliments- how cute, how smart, how beautiful your smile is, your hair, your bright personality. …and inevitably someone mentions how tiny you are. Regardless of anything else people notice, it’s always the same thing… are you sure she’s two?

While my cool begins to boil, your smile never  fades. Your spirit never dims. My heart begins to melt back into its rightful place and I answer with the same, Indeed, I’m sure.

You teach me more than love, kindness, patience. You teach acceptance- which is what I’m trying to teach others! Your reactions to pointing and questions reflects your innocence. A smile, a giggle, a point back to them. Exactly, sweet love.

Accept those who have yet to accept us- teach them how it’s done.

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You’re one smart cookie for a two year old… are you sure you’re only two?



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  1. susan worth says

    Actually, two, one month and ten days….time flies by, and watching her grow is our greatest joy. Addie teaches us the highest form of acceptance….love your neighbor as yourself.

  2. Shell says

    Such a cutie-pie and how lucky she is to have you documenting her life this way. So awesome! I wonder if you can print your blog and make a book?

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