Get Your #HavartiParty On!

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Each week I gather with friends and our kids and we eat. It seems like the thing to do as mamas with kids in tow… and one of the best ways to tame the toddler woes. Food makes everyone happy, it seems. And the happiest food of all? Cheese, of course!

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I know I always talk about feeding Addie the best foods for her health and well-being, but I think it’s SO important for the future to have the best of now… and it’s why I love Arla Dofino. Their foods are free of added hormones- all milk comes from non-rBST-treated cows, crafted with quality, natural ingredients and done so in a way that is environmentally friendly (the company is working to reduce greenhouse emission by 25%!)… Arla Foods is actually the world’s largest organic dairy company (not all foods are organic)! Knowing what a great product Arla cheeses are, I headed to Stop & Shop to get myself a few for an upcoming play date, plus some extra ingredients to create a complete lunch for both mamas and babies!

Keeping it healthy, I trolled the aisles looking for the best pairings for my Edam Cheese, that I decided would go well for kids and parents. It’s both nutty and lower in fat- PLUS it melts great- truly universal for snacks, sandwiches, or melting over pasta or in appetizers! I opted for grapes, strawberries, apples, crackers, pepperoni and cucumbers- a perfect mix for everyone… paired with water for the kids and some sparkling water and juice spritzers for the moms!

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Using toothpicks to bind, I halved grapes and cut the Edam into cubes. Each pick contained the perfect, nutritious bite for the kids (and I made a few whole grapes for us big kids moms)- the flavors melded together to form the sweetest, creamiest snack! I did the same thing with strawberries (and would love to repeat this with some champagne after baby 2 is born!). It was such a decadent treat- and felt like a dessert!

Then, I sliced it thinly to go with pepperoni- this was perfect for the adults, but the kids just took the cheese and meat separately. It really made me laugh to watch them try to figure it out as a sandwich. Then, using more sliced cheese, crackers and pears, I stacked the ingredients and baked at 350° for 5 minutes, until the cheese melted, for a sweet, salty, creamy mix. These were a BIG hit! …so I made the same bite-size dish with cucumber, but decided to not heat it so the cucumber stayed crunchy. The moms liked this one more- but deconstruction and eventual eating made its way into our little ones’ repertoires.

We had a healthy lunch with dairy, fruits, a veggie and some carbs, served up fancy… and I made it all in less than 15 minutes! I placed my simple spread on my usual dining plates (but love that I was able to pack away a few treats for our departing friends to take with them), and we spent the afternoon in the sun playing with the kids and snacking when we were hungry. Having my favorite mamas over, even with the kids, was a breeze with these easy snacks that we turned into a meal! As Kelsey Banfield (The Naptime Chef®) believes, being a mom and a foodie are not mutually exclusive… we can create healthy, delicious dishes for those hectic afternoons with just a few ingredients and even fewer minutes to spare!

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The perfect afternoon #HavartiParty?
I think yes!

My favorite part of the day? A break  from our usual sandwich lunches and simple snacks. Taking our staples of fruits and veggies as meal fillers and elevating them with some creative notes- mainly cheese (!) will definitely become the new normal around here. But, the best part of the whole get together is, if you ask my husband, the left over cheeses… his favorite dessert. He loved the cheese I bought and can’t wait to try the Edam melted on pasta, the other available options like Gouda (mmm… rich and buttery!) and Havarti (which we LOVE on sandwiches). Seriously… there is a cheese for everyone!

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All parents look for the best foods and Arla offers that with their natural goodness- right from farm to fridge, few ingredients, no added hormones, using milk that comes from known local farmers, and their commitment to food safety, sustainability (100% recyclable packing being used by 2020) and corporate social responsibility. To learn more about Arla cheeses, visit their FACEBOOK page or WEBSITE. And check out the Arla Dofino Pinterest page for more ideas on how you can make the best for your family and friends- whether it’s your next gathering or for lunch tomorrow!

What will you bring to your next play date?


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20 Responses to Get Your #HavartiParty On!

  1. A play date with cheese is our kind of play date lol the pears and crackers look delicious with the melted cheese on top!
    Sarah B recently posted…Postpartum Depression: My Story & Climb Out of the Darkness, RIMy Profile

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Oh man -I want to bring my kids to a playdate at your house. What fun snacks and let’s face it – it’s all about the snacks.

  3. I LOVE it. How much fun! I want to attend a playdate with you! I love cheese! These snacks look super fun! Did the kids love them?
    Bobbie recently posted…Peanut Butter Oreo Stacks #RecipeMy Profile

  4. Really cool idea. The ones with the cracker and melted cheese look amazing!
    Krystle(Baking Beauty) recently posted…Best Smores RecipesMy Profile

  5. Those are delish food to munch especially with friends. Eating and having fun is always the best combination :-)
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted…Crave Naturals Whiplash Eyelash curler works perfectly and join my giveaway tooMy Profile

  6. What a fun play date. These looks sooo good, my son would love the one with melted cheese.
    Jenn recently posted…Why You Should Consider Moving To The CountryMy Profile

  7. katrina G

    I live in wisconsin, and we love our cheese. I love Arla cheese, very well made and good for you. glad you had a fun time.

  8. I just love cheese and Havarti is one of my favorites. I especially love apples and cheese paired together
    Patty recently posted…Healthy Habits Help Keep Me Going on the Farm #HerHealth #shopMy Profile

  9. My daughter loves cheese so this would be play date snack heaven for her
    Debi recently posted…Important Items on a Weight Loss JourneyMy Profile

  10. Looks like lots of fun and great food! I need to have a Havartiparty soon and let loose!
    Lisa recently posted…Father’s Day Gift Guide Promotions, Sales, and Discount CodesMy Profile

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