Marvelous Monday

It’s been over a year with the thankful dwarfism random format… and after tonight, I think to myself life is too damn marvelous to share it. So every Monday will be just about how marvelous this crazy thing is blessed to us for whatever length of time we get… Life. However that comes out- Life is too awesome to have constrictions on how we celebrate each marvelous week!


We drove all day.
This family of mine.
We crossed borders, walked parking lots, filled tanks and bellies and hearts with memories.

We succumbed to the life we’ve grown to love as we stepped inside our house.
Our home.
We stripped down to the skin we only bare to each other.
Sandals strewn across the hall floor,
clothes in a sweaty pile waiting to be washed.

The youngest naked with hand-sewn flowers covering her head…
Her small body- perfection in each movement.
Each curve and roll.

His muscular legs carrying his tired body,
remarkably chiseled from beneath his boxer briefs.
A reminder of his youth-
His bike.
Before us.

My belly,
full of movement one can feel and now see.
A reminder  of youth soon to be born.
What will be.
What is us.

We climbed into the small bed as I recited a book from my own childhood.
Her body arched back as only a toddler would find comfortable.
Her small arms wrapped around my neck,
her chest pushed into my face.
The salt and heat from her skin startle me.
The smell of dirt and sweat is somehow sweet against my nose.

I feel her grip loosen as she falls asleep.


We traveled many miles.
We filled tanks and bellies and hearts with memories.


June Fete 2014 #AISFORADELAIDE #motherslove

Have a beautiful week, Reader.



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16 Responses to Marvelous Monday

  1. That is beautiful. And so touching
    Our Family World recently posted…Tackle Bathroom Mold & Mildew with Tilex®My Profile

  2. kim

    Just beautiful. I so love your header on your blog here. What a great mommie!
    kim recently posted…Gluten Free Lavender Tea Party MuffinsMy Profile

  3. Beautiful words and beautiful mommy/daughter moment! Thanks for reminding me to celebrate the marvelous things in my life every day. Life is too short not to do that.
    Nicole B recently posted…Make fruit and veggie smoothies without a blender! #DoleShakersMy Profile

  4. What a beautiful poem. You have such a way with words!!
    April recently posted…Relinquished: When Love Means Letting Go Book ReviewMy Profile

  5. That is beautiful, Chelley. You are so talented and should publish your poem! Definitely lovely memories! :) Looking forward to more…..
    Nancy Lustri (StyleDecor) recently posted…Mainely Cole’s Mystery Box Giveaway!My Profile

  6. PIHM

    Beautiful poetry, you should write or perhaps share more of it!

  7. How incredibly beautiful! This one needs to be printed and saved for Addie forever :)
    Mary Larsen recently posted…Our Porch is Our SanctuaryMy Profile

  8. What a beautiful image of a beautiful, growing family! I’m 100% with you – the key to happiness is GRATITUDE! Being actively thankful in the moment!
    Mother’s Circle – Leah DeCesare recently posted…Sexting at SchoolMy Profile

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