5 Tips to Stay Healthy and #FitForTwo

There are so many ways that us mamas-to-be fall into a routine of life that involves everyone else, and not ourselves or the person we’re carrying inside. With nary a moment for a leg lift or meal preps, sometimes we need to carve those moments, schedule them, if you will, to make them happen. So how can you avoid pitfalls and keep on track this pregnancy?

1. Schedule the time:
It’s hard enough to have the time to do anything extra in our days. Whether it’s work, kids, errands- there is no time for extra. But what we sometimes forget is that our body, our sanity… those are not extras in Life. Those are Necessities. Taking the same time to care for ourselves as we do meeting deadlines and planning playdates, is key to staying healthy and happy during pregnancy and beyond. My favorite tip to getting things done that I “don’t have time for”, is to schedule them.Remember that 10 minutes three times a day is a 30 minute workout. You can’t create more time, but  you can schedule what you’ve got to be as productive as you imagine! No penciling yourself in, grab that pen and mark your workouts on your schedule!

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2. Do what you want:
Yep, you read that right. Try out a yoga class, Zumba, jogging, a walk, hikes, DVDs, group classes, swimming… there are so many options out there and many can be tailored to pregnancy. Make how you stay in shape your choice. For me, I love yoga, running and swimming laps- especially later in pregnancy. I use DVDs for yoga so that Addie and I can do workouts together and I can get them in while she naps, but I enjoy taking classes when I can- and classes are a great way to meet other mamas and mamas-to-be!

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3. Stay comfortable:
This is SO important for me. I love jogging with my babe on board, but when I have to start pulling at my shirts, and the elastic itches on my shorts- I totally lose interest. That’s why my favorite workout gear is For Two Fitness. I first saw pregnant mamas at local races wearing the cute racerback tanks and did some research for myself. After checking out their selection of all things workout, I knew I had to try a few pieces. The tanks are perfect for my workouts (and really to wear anywhere) and the pants are made for movement- both pre and postnatal- I plan on wearing them during those first few recovery weeks, for sure. No matter what you’re doing, being dressed for it makes the whole process better! While you sweat, don’t fret about your comfort or let your style fizzle- check out #ForTwoFitness for yourself, or as the perfect gift.

Shoes are also extremely important- especially while pregnant. Joints are looser and feet can swell, so make sure you have good kicks! For me, this meant letting go of my old standbys. After over 1,000 miles (NEVER let your shoes go this long… it’s terrible for you), I traded them in for a new pair I’ve had for over a year, but didn’t want to break out too soon. My best advice? Go to your local running store and get fitted for the right shoe! They can help evaluate your stride and activity level so you find the perfect shoe for you!

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4. Know what your cravings really mean:
Many times I’ve found myself craving sugar or salt. While I’d love to grab some candy or pretzels, I know these snacks will just leave me dehydrated and guilty. Check out my handy chart to know what  your body is really asking you for… and remember that sometimes all you want is chocolate- and that’s what you really need!

#Aisforadelaide #cravingschart

5. Be in touch with you:
Whether you’re tired or think you can push further, you’re right! It’s important, especially while pregnant to listen to your body and know what you’re capable of. Before your workout, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Are you ready for a few miles? Would you rather just one good mile? Maybe just getting in the pool is enough, or taking a walk with the kids is enough of a workout for the day. Keeping yourself motivated can only happen if your health is truly benefiting- rest days included.

Take care of you and that little one (or little ones) that you have on the way! I look forward to the days when my girls and I can run together. Til then, I’ll keep running for two!

What do you do to have a #fitpregnancy?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I think you are amazing to be honest. Both times when I was pregnant, I took that as a reason to kick back & relax for 9 months and did absolutely nothing. I wish I had worked out or done yoga while I was pregnant.

  2. says

    These are great tips. I agree that shoes are always important, but most especially when you’re expecting and feet are intermittently swelling and what have you.

  3. says

    I love your What Does It Mean? list. I have copied it down and will stick it to the front of my fridge. And, I know what you mean about proper fitting shoes. Over used shoes or ill fitting shoes can really do a (bad) number on your whole body. Love you post.
    Katy Rawson recently posted…7 Ways to Improve Your HealthMy Profile

  4. Pam says

    These are all great tips! I especially agree with being comfortable! Nothing is quite as annoying as fighting with your clothes while you work out.

  5. Shauna says

    Okay, that I think I want list is just awesome… I had no clue and though I am not pregnant, I would assume it would be the same? thanks for sharing…

  6. says

    I did not have a fit pregnancy but I wish I knew half as much then as I do know. I would have done so many things differently.

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