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We are almost on the road! As we embark on our second LPA National Conference in San Diego, CA, I am measuring, weighing and tagging all of our luggage. I have a whole chart in fact!

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Thankfully, all of our luggage meets the standards- so I gingerly pack everything in, hoping to not hit the dreaded 50 pound weight limit in just one checked bag for the three of us. Wish me luck!

It’s pretty awesome that I was also given the opportunity to review a name tag of my choosing from TagUrIt, inc. located in Costa Mesa, CA. For me, although their website has some of the coolest name tag options I’ve ever seen, it was a no-brainer. I chose a custom emergency tag to attach to Addie’s backpack.

#TagUrIt #aisforadelaide #Incaseofemergency

While her bag holds very little (crayons, paper, her headphones, a water bottle, and 2 diapers), it’s something that she holds tight- so I know it will always be with her. With that in mind- this is the place that any emergency info needs to be. That information for us includes both my number and Dave’s, as well as her geneticist’s information (as he is our team leader in her care), her diagnosis, age, and (duh) name. Crazy enough- all the info we wanted fit on the tag, along with a picture of her sweet face!

#aisforadelaide #ICE #TagUrIt #travel

I attached  it to her backpack and feel so much better about knowing that in an emergency, her vital info is available- whether she is with us or not. Also on her bags are the typical travel tags with our address info, of course, but the peace of mind having an In Case of Emergency tag brings is invaluable.

I.C.E. tags are a necessity for all kids as any information can go on them- from the basic name, age, and contact to the true emergency information, like allergies, insulin dependence, or medical diagnosis. And… the best part is the tag is movable! Coming printed on a great thick plastic, each card also comes with a plastic case with sticky tabs, to put in a permanent place OR you can use the clear strap and put in on one bag today and another tomorrow (you could even attach the tag to a zipper!). For me, knowing that this tag can go to one place or another means that as Addie grows, her I.C.E. tag can follow her- peace of mind that grows with my baby! I love it!

Somethings we don’t want to think about… for me, it’s an emergency, but because I know they happen, being prepared is my best defense. Grab your own TagUrIt for yourself and your loved ones for both travel and daily use, and follow TagUrIt on Facebook and Twitter for all their new product releases!

From TagUrIt!inc. website

From TagUrIt!inc. website

Which tag is most appealing to you?


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42 Responses to I.C.E. #TagUrIt

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Carry-on restrictions are a necessary evil, but it sure makes more work for us when we are packing. When we went to SD in April, we only brought 2 carry-on’s with us and when we go to Disney next month, we are only planning on bringing one (the backpack).

  2. Oh my goodness those are the cutest suitcases I have ever seen! I love the matching bags, my daughter would love these!
    Mama to 5 BLessings recently posted…Patriotic Toe NailsMy Profile

  3. Oh my goodness, your luggage is so super cute and I love the name tag.
    Mistee Dawn recently posted…SURPAHS Kitchen Products Review!My Profile

  4. deb

    Great luggage chart idea. That would make life a lot easier when packing if I didn’t have to “try” to remember the requirements. I love the idea of the ICE tag. …great for peace of mind!
    deb recently posted…Perfect Summer Pasta SaladMy Profile

  5. These tags are awesome!!! And Addie’s luggage is SOOO CUTE!!
    Sarah recently posted…King’s Hawaiian Brought The Aloha Spirit to Boston!My Profile

  6. The next time we travel, I definitely need one of those tags for the kids! That would give me more peace of mind in case ever got separated.
    Amber Edwards recently posted…4th of July Desserts to complete your Independence Day celebration!My Profile

  7. that is soooo cute! i need to see what they have for boys

  8. I am going to LA two weeks in a row and those are so cute!
    Enza Ketcham (@JustEnza) recently posted…Garlic Italian Meatballs Recipe from my Italian Mom!My Profile

  9. Great idea, I need to sign up my kids- we fly a lot!
    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos recently posted…Memorable BirthdaysMy Profile

  10. Wow, those bags are just adorable! I know they’re for kids…but I want one for me, they’re too cute!
    Jenn @TheRebelChick recently posted…Top 5 Summer Beach Reads #LittleMerciesMy Profile

  11. I love your bags too! We are taking our first flight as a family of 3 in a few weeks, and I’m nervous. I need to get a personalized tag for my daughter’s bag as well.

  12. I cannot thank you enough for your amazing review of our Child Safety ID Tags! If anyone a has any questions or would like to order ID tags of your own, I have linked the website below and feel free to drop me an email at taguritnametags@aol.com :) These tags started as my own personal little project and have really taken off through our company. We love reading stories of these tags giving parents peace of mind with their children!


  13. This is so cute, what adorable bags. I buy ID tags like this too, so useful.

  14. Pam

    That’s the cutest luggage set I have ever seen! Love the owls!

  15. I definitely think you’re smart for having that tag. You just never know… I hope you guys have a great trip.
    Liz Mays recently posted…Air Wick Familiar Favorites Home FragranceMy Profile

  16. That is the cutest suitcase and what a great tag for her to have. Hope you ahve a great trip!
    kristin recently posted…Staying Fit This Summer with New Silk Almond Protein + FiberMy Profile

  17. I’ve never been on a plane, one day though!
    Christine recently posted…Keeping Your Child’s Hearing Safe & GiveawayMy Profile

  18. Love your bag! And the tag! Addie XO! It’s both fun and functional and I’m going to have to look into them because as my kids get older, they might end up traveling on their own. Or not. (My son is going away to his first sleep away camp this weekend in MA and I’m a wreck.) ;) As always, great post, Chelley! Have a great trip! XO
    @JackieHennesse1 recently posted…You know you’ve reached Mid-life Mommyhood when…My Profile

  19. These are great! And I am LOVING Addie’s luggage – so chic ;) Have a wonderful time!!
    Jessica @ KeepingMommySane recently posted…High School Reunion?My Profile

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