Highlights… better than when we were kids!

In exchange for a blog post, we received multiple issues of Highlights magazine. All opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.

Years ago, I was a Highlights kid. I circled all the differences between pictures, stuck stickers to everything insight, enjoyed reading articles with content designed just for me, and loved doing puzzle after puzzle of different mediums (I’ve always enjoyed word puzzles more than any!)… so naturally, as an adult, I am drawn to the brand again.

When Addie was under a year, I ordered her a subscription to Hello! Highlights magazine for the youngest of babes, from 0-2. They’re awesome- AND impossible to tear. We’ve collected them all to share with Millie!

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I was so enamored with how much Addie loves getting her own mail and magazines, that I contacted Highlights to learn more about High Five!, their magazine printed up just for toddlers ages 2-6! I was delighted to get a few free copies so I could share them with Addie… who I knew would love them- I didn’t anticipate how much, however.

On a rainy day, we pulled  out the issues we were sent to try and Addie got right to work.

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What strikes you first is the beautiful, full size magazine itself. The covers are all beautiful illustrated and just like mine- with some of the feature articles on the inside. Addie felt pretty cool with her own mag.

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She loved reading the short stories, identifying hidden images and actions,  but became engrossed in the Read Aloud in English and Spanish section. The stories are really vivid, and offer lines in Spanish- which Addie repeats often and usually in context (she speaks more Spanish than I do now!), which integrate well into the story. Not only is she using another language, but she’s learning to identify different objects and emotions in Spanish.

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Each magazine is also packed with puzzles (“That’s Silly”, a find it game) and step-by-step images (with captions) showing different activities, like sitting crisscross applesauce, crouch, jump and jog (like a frog!), action rhyming with movement- different each month! And our favorite, a recipe or craft at the end!

#aisforaldeiade #HighlightsHighFive #shop #highlightsmagazine That's Silly

A super cool one we want to make for Daddy is a painted paintbrush! Taking a plain paintbrush with a wooden handle, you turn it into a colorful, polka-dot brush, perfect for spreading sauce over your favorite BBQ! Or in our April issue, where we learned how to make our own play-dough. And in May, we made some delicious Crunchy, Nutty Muffins- perfect because the ingredients were so basic- we already had them on hand, and it was simple for Addie to help me measure and mix! These mags are perfect because they offer SO much in each issue that we can come back to them time and time again and learn something new- plus, Addie loves to try and find things by herself and tell me stories about the pictures each time she revisits!

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Addie helping me make Crunchy Nut Muffins- a Highlights High Five recipe!

I am so excited to order Addie her own yearly subscription so the fun can last all year- and every time we pull out the magazines! From rainy day activity, to a magazine to read during quiet times that will surely be needed after Millie’s arrival, High Five! is the perfect addition to our mailbox as a special treat for Miss A!

Also on my radar? Some NEW projects to be released for all ages! Highlights is working on releasing something for us parents, as well as a new magazine series sure to excite… don’t worry- I’ll share more info soon!

What’s your favorite memory of Highlights? Mine is the doctor’s offices that carried them so I could read a magazine in the waiting room, just like my parents!



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58 Responses to Highlights… better than when we were kids!

  1. Rachel

    I had forgotten about “That’s Silly”! N **loved** those pages of the magazine when he was a toddler. He would look at them over and over again and laugh hysterically. Thanks for the fun walk down memory lane, and the super cute pics of A.

  2. OH goodness, I LOVED highlights magazine when I was a kid! And that is always the first magazine my kids grab when we are at the Dr Office. Those books are so adorable.
    Amber Edwards recently posted…Limited Time Chevron Listerine helps to Blend your Bathroom Decor!My Profile

  3. We’ve been getting Highlights for years. I can honestly say my kids actually cheer when it arrives in the mail!! I love seeing their little heads hunkered down doing all the activities…. just like I used to!
    Melissa Angert recently posted…Eye Spy Happy Eyes with Rohto® Cool MaxMy Profile

  4. LOVE Highlights!! It’s so awesome. We got the Highlights Hello for Ben when he was young and he loved it so much. I definitely want to get Highlights High Five for him!!
    Melissa G. recently posted…Official #runDisney training – Day 5 – my first 5k!My Profile

  5. I loved Highlights magazines too. Especially Goofus and Gallant. We have some High Five magazines for my girls. We keep them in the bathroom so they have something to look at when they are in there.
    Kathleen Garber recently posted…Pool Fun With Swimways Spring FloatMy Profile

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Like you, my best memory of them was in my doctor or dentist’s office. I didn’t even realize they still made Highlights, but I bet my six year old would love them!!

  7. I used to love Highlights! I still have some of the stickers! This is so awesome… your daughter looks like she’s loving them!
    Shelley recently posted…Win Free Internet for a Year SweepstakesMy Profile

  8. I read Highlights as a child and am so pleased to see its still around in bright blazing color! Looks like your daughter is enjoying it too.
    SHELLEY R ZUREK recently posted…Vintage Cutouts!My Profile

  9. My kids each have a Highlights subscription. It’s great for both of them, and I enjoy doing the hidden pictures with them.

  10. Michelle

    I loved Highlights as a kid and now my kids love them too! We had a subscription a few years ago and it was great! I should get those again- I forgot about them!

  11. I totally remember reading Highlights! How fun to read with your kids! My son would LOVE this!
    Meagan recently posted…Creative Children’s Bedroom DecorMy Profile

  12. I used to get these in the mail. I loved reading the rebus style stories. Another favorite was “Goofus and Gallant”.

  13. Shauna

    We are a huge Highlights family. We started with High Five, which my girls still love and now my Little Man is onto the real Highlights magazine. I can’t go to the mailbox without hearing my kids ask if their magazines have arrived or not, ha!

  14. Highlights were such a big part of childhood. They are still in doctor’s offices and the kids love to read them!
    Paula @ FrostedFingers recently posted…The All New 2015 Toyota Sienna #SwaggerWagonMy Profile

  15. Highlights has certainly come a long way. I remember when it was made of thin paper that ripped at the slightest rough touch. Now it’s sturdy and durable, so it can stand up to little readers.
    Laura recently posted…Water Kefir – Healthy Alternative To Soda And JuiceMy Profile

  16. Oh wow, flashback!! I used to get this as a kid too, I loved each and every issue. I need to pick some up for my own kids, I’m sure they’d love it as much as I did!
    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos recently posted…Pine Lake Leisure Club Cabins by ParkbridgeMy Profile

  17. Daisy

    I remember Highlights! They were the best. I need to get these for my son.

  18. Pam

    Can you believe I was published in a Highlights magazine once? That was a long time ago, though. My kids used to love checking out Highlights at the pediatrician!

  19. These are awesome! I had totally forgotten about Highlights. I need to get some for my 14 month old. I love that they are impossible to tear.
    Mindy Grant recently posted…Prepare a Complete Indian Meal at Home in Just 5 Minutes!My Profile

  20. How awesome… I had totally forgotten about these.. Sooo need to check them out, my little ones will love them, I know… thanks for sharing
    CrazyMom a/k/a Melanie recently posted…Dream Works The Hundred Foot Journey and World Market have teamed up and presenting the #GourmetGetaway SweepstakesMy Profile

  21. My kids used to get this subscription in the mail. These magazine had so many great things in them – kids would never get bored!
    Mama to 5 BLessings recently posted…What You Need To Remember When Bringing You Car In For Service Repairs + Tips To Save You A HeadacheMy Profile

  22. Looks like great fun! She was really enjoying herself! She’s such a cutie.
    Marina @ Mommy Snippets recently posted…10 ways to save money on clothesMy Profile

  23. I didn’t realize they had so many options! They used to use these in schools, like every Friday it was part of your day to read the stories and do the different activities.
    Kenda recently posted…See Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles Vanish in 90 Seconds. Yes, really. #Alurent90SecondBeauty #SHOP50My Profile

  24. My children love Highlights. It’s great that they get to experience some of the same things as when I younger. Memories
    Sarah Marturano recently posted…Easy Meals For One To Stock Your Freezer WithMy Profile

  25. Angela S

    I agree. Highlights was great when we were kids, but it’s even better now.

  26. My daughter has had a subscription to Highlights for the past 5 years!
    Krista recently posted…Free Baby LeggingsMy Profile

  27. Brett

    Highlights Magazines are great! The kids like to read them while they wait for their appointments.

  28. I had no idea that this still existed. I loved them as a kid.

  29. Wow, I loved Highlights as a kid, but you are right! These now look even better than ever and more interactive!
    Amy Desrosiers recently posted…Scratch Wireless: Free Cellphone Service? Never Pay a Penny! Check out our Review!My Profile

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