Sleep in Luxury at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego #travel

We went to Dan Diego for the LPA National this year, and though it’s only our second National Conference, like last year, I was blown away by the fantastic hotel that was chosen as the main site. The Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego offered many comforts in the rooms, wonderful on-site food, is within walking distance to all-things awesome, and has gorgeous views from both towers (where guest rooms are located)!

When we pulled up to the hotel, it was about 1am. Eight of us unloaded from a shuttle service we’d all taken for a nominal fee from the airport located just a few miles away. Immediately men were there to take our bags and help us to the front desk where I checked in and asked a bunch of questions pertaining to our reservation. Because we were staying there under the conference rate (unbeatable) and when I’d first booked the night of July 4th was full, I ended up needing to make 2 different reservations to get the dates we wanted. Though understandable, I was bummed to learn that we would have to switch rooms the next day, but not to worry about that- we could stay in the room as long as was necessary to get our other room ready- a HUGE relief when you’re talking toddler, luggage and pregnant mama.

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The beds were, clearly, very comfortable!

We started out in the Harbor Tower, getting to our room, searching through our suitcases stuffed with rolled up clothes until we found our PJs and toothbrushes, then passed out in the comfy bed. I was happy that although it was the 4th of July and there was a lot of celebrating going on, I didn’t hear it through the walls. We were able to get a great night’s sleep, and thanks to the time change and a nap on the plane, we were up pretty early!

We wandered out to get breakfast at  Café 222 (I’ll tell you all about that in another post) and then we headed back to the hotel… on our way stopping at an awesome playground and community garden to swing, walk, and talk about outdoor gardening all-year long! It was SO cool to just happen upon a superbly clean (not even a cigarette butt or graffiti in sight) city play area with such a beautiful garden and maintained path.

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When we got back to the hotel from our breakfast and walk, we packed up anything that had been unpacked, checked out the view and then got a call that my parents had arrived! Addie was just ready for a nap, so Dave went to meet them and collect their luggage  until their room was ready- awesomely, by the time he got down to the lobby, their room was already ready (3 hours before check-in time!) and he helped them get to their room and settle in before he headed out for some snacks.

When he returned, we moved into the room where we would stay for the remainder of our time with the help of a bellhop and a sleeping toddler perched on my shoulder. This time our room was in the other tower, the Seaport Tower, on the 29th floor. Because we had to switch rooms, they actually gave us a higher floor (better view) without asking! The rooms were almost identical, with the biggest difference being that the bathroom layout was a bit different making the door open as you would expect, where the first room it slid open (which was really cool!).

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We had a room with 2 double beds, thinking Addie would be in her own bed, but because she’s two, she ended up in our bed most nights- which made me wish we’d gotten a king, but the beds were comfy and we made it work! The table by the window was great for sitting and looking out over the city and I loved that we had a comfy chair so that I could sit and read while Addie napped (everyone made use of that chair for the same reason!). We also could relax in the room with the single-serve coffee and teas they provided which were actually good! The desk in the room was perfect for getting the work done that I could without WiFi, which was only free in the lobby, and the large TV in the room got PBS- making everyone happy when the adults wanted an extra 10 minutes of prep time and the Miss wanted to go, go, go on an adventure (from the Cat in the Hat theme song!).

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The biggest drawback of the room was the fridge that was not only really small, but didn’t get cold enough to hold anything that could spoil. At conferences, we like to bring or buy food while we are there to save money on eating out, but not having refrigeration made that hard. Being able to rent a microwave for the room, however, is pretty awesome! The sink in the bathroom also seemed really high- and I’m tall. While the look is clean and modern (which I love), it’s not easy to actually use (I stood on my toes to wash my face over the sink without spilling water everywhere).

Finally, the pool! While we didn’t make it to the pool designated for adults only, we did get to spend some time at the 4th floor pool, which was beautiful! We walked right out from the elevators, to the deck, which is easily accessible from either tower and grabbed as many towels as we needed (no need to steal them from your room!), parked ourselves on some chairs near the steps and enjoyed playing the friends, splashing and sipping water. There is deck-service, which is awesome, for anyone who wants to order something to eat or drink right from their chair! Addie and Dave spent a lot of time in the pool- with Addie playing on the steps and jumping in from the side with the other kids. Me? I lounged my big, pregnant belly in the sun for a dose of vitamin D and a nap! The chairs were so comfortable, I would have stayed there had Dave not reminded me we needed to get dinner before Addie’s bedtime!

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We really loved the hotel and all the grandeur it offered while still being affordable (at the conference rate for us), but wish the lobby had been a bit more conducive to meeting people. Last year at the conference the hotel lobby was built in more of a compact and circular feel, with the lounge closer and lobby seating closer together, as well as the hotel restaurants close-by. This made it easier for people to connect and bump into each other. With the lobby being planned in more of a rectangle with the bar at one end and a café at the other, and minimal seating, it was hard to bump into people- although easy to find a place to meet up if you planned it.

The Manchester Grand Hyatt made staying in the city such a luxury- close to good food and meet up spots like the The Seaport Village and within walking distance to the Gaslamp Quarter and convention center- this is the place you want to stay, whether business or pleasure, on your next trip to San Diego!


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  1. It certainly looks like a relaxing stay. Little Addie was zonked in most of those pictures! She’s too adorable for words.
    Jennifer recently posted…Clean Up Your Water with Adya ClarityMy Profile

  2. What a beautiful hotel. The pool looks wonderful.
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  3. Daisy

    This looks like a gorgeous hotel! Your daughter looks so sweet too. Sounds like a fun trip.

  4. Those views are amazing!! I was just telling hubby the other day that we need to make a trip there soon. Bookmarked your post for when we do!
    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos recently posted…Kraft Canada Searches for Ultimate Food HackerMy Profile

  5. Too cute the favorite picture of mine is the foot in the face. It’s a classic while sleeping in comfy hotel beds. IT’s nice that there are such great family friendly places.
    kristin recently posted…Keep Having Fun This Summer With HTH® Pool Care ProductsMy Profile

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    That sounds so awesome. When we go to San Diego, we stay on the Navy base on Coronado Island plus we have family there if need be, but this is good to know just in case.

  7. Sounds like a great hotel for a family, being able to rent a microwave is a nice bonus.

  8. Overall it sounds like a great place. The views are amazing!
    Paula recently posted…Kellogg’s Movie Event at Walmart #goodnightsnack #cbiasMy Profile

  9. That looks like a gorgeous place to just kick back, relax, and enjoy some nice, slow paced time with the family. I wouldn’t mind a little pool time.
    Dawn recently posted…Plan a Decadent Ice Cream Party for Mom’s Night In #MagnumMomentsMy Profile

  10. Looks like a great place to stay especially for families. I bet everyone had a great time.
    Ellen Christian recently posted…How to Summer Proof your BeautyMy Profile

  11. Love all the water views from the room. San Diego is an awesome place to visit.
    LauraOinAK recently posted…Visiting Alaska’s Interior at the Tolsona Wilderness CampgroundMy Profile

  12. Pam

    I think this is where my daughter stayed when she visited San Diego. She loved it!

  13. What a lovely place to stay! I would love to check it out, if I am ever in the area.
    susan recently posted…MoonPie / First Things First Family Prize Pack #GiveawayMy Profile

  14. What a great place to stay and your daughter looked like she was having fun. It’s nice their is a pool and so pretty. Very nice!
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  15. That looks close to where we stayed in San Diego! Can’t wait to go back and may have to try this Hyatt!
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  16. Oh Addie is seriously so adorable! Having a comfy bed to sleep in is the most important thing in a hotel; and usually the most common thing that they miss the mark on! It’s so good to know the Hyatt knows to get the comfy beds!
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  17. Ann Bacciaglia

    Looks like you had a great time. You look fantastic in a bikini! Thanks for sharing your family photos and review.

  18. Awww Addie is adorable! It looks like she had a wonderful time swimming with daddy! :) Looks like you had great weather too!
    Nancy Lustri (StyleDecor) recently posted…Hard Candy Mystery Bag Giveaway!My Profile

  19. Looks like the perfect place for the whole family! I love visiting San Diego, I’ll have to check this hotel out the next time I’m in town!
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  20. Amanda

    San Diego is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. I love that hotel and the location

  21. Looks like a great place to stay. Your family looks like they enjoyed it too!
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  22. That room looks super comfy! I agree that toddlers have a way of making even a hotel room fun for everyone! (okay maybe not the ppl staying below you but…).
    JulieK recently posted…DIY Puppy Dog Birthday PartyMy Profile

  23. Your children are amazing! They look like they had some great sleep!

  24. Wow, that is luxurious. I would sleep very well there!

  25. Brett

    Wow luxury indeed! I am ready to pack my bags :)

  26. Looks like an awesome place to stay! Those views are just gorgeous!
    Aimee Smith recently posted…Finding Time for Mommy to Have Me TimeMy Profile

  27. Sounds like you had a great stay. The views are beautiful!
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  28. So cute!! I love seeing Addie! This place does look really nice!
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  29. How fun you got to take a trip and nap with the family. LOL This hotel seems to have a lot of offer to help families relax and enjoy.
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