Thank you for listening and bringing change #aisforadelaide

An Open Letter to Lifespan Partner

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To Lifespan Partner, operators of Rhode Island and Hasbro Children’s hospitals. Thank you. When we came in for a pediatric  [Continue Reading]

Dear Adelaide... a letter to my eldest. You are magical, #aisforadelaide.

Dear Adelaide

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Dear Adelaide, I miss writing to you. Every single day you amaze me. Just recently you started calling the shots,  [Continue Reading]

Good news at aisforadelaide MRI results dwarfism


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I talked with the neurologist’s office today and got great news: Addie’s foramen magnum was at 8mm and went to  [Continue Reading]

The importance of a team #aisd=foradelaide #specialneeds #dwarfism

The Importance of The Team

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Note (2 days past-publish): When this was written, I was passionate, heated and curious as to how SO many things  [Continue Reading]

dwarfism awareness lpa lpa today a is for adelaide

LPA Today!

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I love getting my LPA Today! magazine in the mail! I am honored that a submission I made was printed!  [Continue Reading]

seasons greetings 15 things i never thought i'd say aisforadelaide camillethea

15 Things I Never Thought I’d Say

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So, I wanted to share what 2014 brought for us. There was fun and laughter and tears and heartache. But,  [Continue Reading]

adelaide update #aisforadelaide

Adelaide’s Update!

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Some of you may know that we head to Delaware’s AI DuPont Hospital for Children every 6(ish) months for Addie’s  [Continue Reading]

a is for adelaide achondroplasia


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I began this blog in the summer of 2012. It’s full name is not A is for Adelaide, the full  [Continue Reading]

stella young inspiration porn aisforadelaide OI dwarfism

Stella Young, may you rest.

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Stella Young has passed far too young. The loss, for me hits the core. Stella taught me to loosen up,  [Continue Reading]

i'm not sorry aisforadelaide dwarfism

Guess what? I’m NOT sorry!

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Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has apologized TWICE for referring to Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel as a midget… but here’s the  [Continue Reading]