First Response. For the most important tests of your life. #IC #ad #aisforadelaide #CamilleThea

New Beginnings with First Response

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“I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for First Response. I received product samples as well  [Continue Reading]

#CamilleThea and #aisforadelaide are loving this week's blog challenge promt! #52WeeksA4A

The Weather, #52WeeksA4A

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OH THE WEATHER!!!! I could not imagine what ideas I was going to come up with for The Weather, but  [Continue Reading]

What do you want for #mothersday? A beautiful sapphire pendant is on my wishlist. #aisforadelaide #sponsored

What does she want for Mother’s Day?

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A is For Adelaide wants to thank Angara for sponsoring this post. “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” he  [Continue Reading]

The last Marvelous Monday post for a while... but never fear! More content coming to YOU! #aisforadelaide

Marvelous Monday

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This weekend was, as many Spring weekends are, a whirlwind of STUFF! Parties and Easter celebrations are ringing around our  [Continue Reading]

Home is where our story begins. #52WeeksA4A Blog challenge, week 12: Your Home. #aisforadelaide

My Home, #52WeeksA4A week 12

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I wish I still called Philadelphia my home… but really my home is here in Rhode Island. For now. My  [Continue Reading]

We love #FarFaria reading app for learning, quiet time and fun! #aisforadelaide

Marvelous Monday… and FarFaria away!

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Hello and happy Marvelous Monday! We’ve been battling a bit of a weekend cold (thanks warm weather + snow +  [Continue Reading]

Week 11 of #52WeeksA4A blog challenge! #aisforadelaide #camillethea My Greatest Accomplishment

My Greatest Accomplishment, #52WeeksA4A

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This one is obvious… and brief. If I looked back on everything, my fiercest accomplishment was pulling my lifeless spirit  [Continue Reading]

#SpringIntoCarters for the season's best #microfashion! #IC #ad #aisforadelaide

Spring Microfashion at Carter’s

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“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Carter’s. I received a complimentary gift card to  [Continue Reading]

Week 10: My Favorite Jewelry #52WeeksA4A Blog Challenge

My Favorite Jewel, #52WeeksA4A

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I’ve never been a flashy girl… at least not in the jewelry sense. I have quite a few tattoos, and  [Continue Reading]

Taking life by the horns! #aisforadelaide

Marvelous Monday

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SO. Many. Ideas! It is a Marvelous Monday, Reader… and I hope you feel the same.   This quote has  [Continue Reading]