Addie is thankful for snowsuits!

Marvelous Mondays!

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In the spirit of starting new things for the New Year, I am starting Marvelous Monday! This will be my  [Continue Reading]

Dwarfism Awareness hand

Hallmark Moments

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I received an email a few weeks ago from Hallmark (I LOVE Hallmark), but I discarded it. A contest to  [Continue Reading]


Does she have what it takes to be…

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The next top model? I think so. It brought me to the research of if others thought so, too. In  [Continue Reading]


What’s the deal?

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I went to the doctor, and while the details do not need to be discussed, I’m not sure I’ll ever  [Continue Reading]


You Educated Yourself AND Won $25!

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Thank you so much to Lynn- our winner- for educating herself and others about dwarfism! Lynn is mom to a  [Continue Reading]


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A lesbian and an alcoholic walk onto a stage set… Sounds like the start to a terrible, demeaning joke. It  [Continue Reading]