I need this more than you.

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Dear Adelaide, I recently found myself purposely skipping meals and denying little cravings (PMS) because I thought that was the  [Continue Reading]

My belly when we decided to conceive, age 27. Me at 21, after being tattooed and me at 25 on our honeymoon.

Love Thyself

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As a friend of mine stared at my recent status updates, she emailed me: Bitch. WHAT?! I replied. You’re running  [Continue Reading]


This Year, I Resolve…

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I never stick to the resolutions that have me saving money I don’t make or going to the gym 9  [Continue Reading]


You’re Magic

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It’s no surprise I think my baby girl is the most amazing human to ever exist. She is, to me,  [Continue Reading]

Allebach Photography

The Top 5

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There are many discussions about mommy wars and who is the better parent (what is better anyway?). Who is right  [Continue Reading]


Highlights of my day…

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Every mommy needs some time for themselves… even if that time is with their baby. With Addie is tow, I  [Continue Reading]


I Knew Before You Told Me

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From the moment she was born, I knew she was different. Adelaide Eileen was born at only 18 inches, with  [Continue Reading]