Week 11 of #52WeeksA4A blog challenge! #aisforadelaide #camillethea My Greatest Accomplishment

My Greatest Accomplishment, #52WeeksA4A

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This one is obvious… and brief. If I looked back on everything, my fiercest accomplishment was pulling my lifeless spirit  [Continue Reading]

Dear Camille aisforadelaide camillethea a letter to my daughter

Dear Camille

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Dear Camille, Tonight, I fell in love with you. It seems like these nights have been filled with a lot  [Continue Reading]

Thank you for listening and bringing change #aisforadelaide

An Open Letter to Lifespan Partner

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To Lifespan Partner, operators of Rhode Island and Hasbro Children’s hospitals. Thank you. When we came in for a pediatric  [Continue Reading]

Valentine's Day with #aisforadelaide and #CamilleThea is so much better together!

Marvelous Monday

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I’ve spent a few Valentine’s Days being pampered and over-indulged. I’ve spent more than those alone, or reminded of how  [Continue Reading]

Hang In th' Air, Baby! #RIBirth #aisforadelaide

Marvelous Monday… and so much more

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This Monday is kind of a big deal for us. As of yet, we have no word that Addie’s MRI  [Continue Reading]

Are you in this ‪#‎52weekchallenge‬ at ‪#‎aisforadelaideblog‬? ‪#‎52weeksa4a‬

A Childhood Memory, Week 5 #52WeeksA4A

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A childhood memory isn’t as easy to come by as I’d imagined. Loosing a parent at a young age, one  [Continue Reading]

A footprint craft for baby's first Valentine's Day! #aisforadelaide #camillethea

FIRST Valentine’s Day Craft

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When Addie was just under a year, she celebrated her first Valentine’s Day with a beautiful, simple craft for Dave.  [Continue Reading]

dating aisforadelaide relationships questions camillethea


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I answered a few questions for a friend. She’s in college and doing a class survey, and I was sort  [Continue Reading]

marvelous monday blizzard from accuweather

Marvelous Monday

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It’s true, Reader. I’m in love with vlogging. I like to talk out what I am writing, so it’s been  [Continue Reading]

aisforadelaide 52weeksa4a marriage wedding day

* Marriage * 52 Week Challenge

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I sat at my computer. Days in a row. Trying to write about marriage. My marriage. Usually I can write  [Continue Reading]