An Open Letter to Special Needs Parents

An Open Letter to Special Needs Parents

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Dear mamas and papas, This is not an easy thing. The world of special needs is sometimes more than we  [Continue Reading]

Why the LPA Conference

LPA Conference

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Dwarfism is something that I go back and forth in my head with the this doesn’t define my life/this defines  [Continue Reading]

We love #FarFaria reading app for learning, quiet time and fun! #aisforadelaide

Marvelous Monday… and FarFaria away!

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Hello and happy Marvelous Monday! We’ve been battling a bit of a weekend cold (thanks warm weather + snow +  [Continue Reading]

Week 11 of #52WeeksA4A blog challenge! #aisforadelaide #camillethea My Greatest Accomplishment

My Greatest Accomplishment, #52WeeksA4A

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This one is obvious… and brief. If I looked back on everything, my fiercest accomplishment was pulling my lifeless spirit  [Continue Reading]

Top 5 Ways

Top 5 Ways to Stop It.

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Victim Blame. Stop it. Stop it now. Stop blaming the victim. Victim blame is an old fad that became the  [Continue Reading]

Week 9 of #52WeeksA4A blog challenge at #aisforadelaide #thepast

#52WeeksA4A, My Past

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It must be because I like to torture myself… but here we are with such a loaded prompt that I’m  [Continue Reading]

It's a Marvelous Monday! Don't forget to do you! #aisforadelaide #runner #blog #TeamInTraining

Marvelous Monday

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I want to wish you a Marvelous Monday. It’s been a while since I just wished happiness to all… and  [Continue Reading]

Dear Adelaide... a letter to my eldest. You are magical, #aisforadelaide.

Dear Adelaide

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Dear Adelaide, I miss writing to you. Every single day you amaze me. Just recently you started calling the shots,  [Continue Reading]

Good news at aisforadelaide MRI results dwarfism


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I talked with the neurologist’s office today and got great news: Addie’s foramen magnum was at 8mm and went to  [Continue Reading]

The importance of a team #aisd=foradelaide #specialneeds #dwarfism

The Importance of The Team

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Note (2 days past-publish): When this was written, I was passionate, heated and curious as to how SO many things  [Continue Reading]